Best Softwear Nominees – Singletrack Readers Awards 2016

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This category covers all the soft goods we might use on the trail. We had nominations that spanned all sorts of clothing but we had to narrow it down to just 3 finalists:

Lazer Revolution Helmet

The Lazer Revolution is the Belgian company’s entry into the enduro helmet and removable chin-guard market. Starting with a neat looking open-face helmet, the Revolution has add-on ear guards for more protection (or that ‘Red Five, standing by’ look) and also a bolt-on chin guard.

lazer revolution helmet

Morvelo F**k Cancer Socks

Judging by how out of stock these socks have been since their launch, Morvelo has struck a chord with its cheeky putdown of cancer. With many lives touched by the disease, it seems only fair to get your own back via the medium of bright, technical socks, right? Morvelo sold these socks with the promise that all the proceeds (not just the profit) went to St. Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds.

Morvelo F**k Cancer Socks

Vaude Moab Mid STX AM

Vaude has been good at knowing what British mountain bikers want, with its range of bags, clothing and shoes. These Moab mid-top waterproof boots have a completely slick mid-sole, ideal for flat pedal grip with some aggressive toe and heel knobs so you’re not left floundering when clambering back up the slick, woodsy trail to where you ‘parked’ your bike.

Vaude Moab Mid STX AM

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