Fort William 2016 – In the pits

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It’s not just all downhill bikes and armoured riders getting their flow all stoked… Around the pits there are many goodies to spot for the sharp-eyed viewer.

Peaty’s Fort William V10

Steve Peat has had a special paint job done for his Santa Cruz V10 – complete with matching race kit (and Smith goggle straps too). This is his last Fort William race before he retires from the circuit. Word is that he also has some more surprises coming the remaining World Cups too.

Fort William Pits 2016-16
Is that the McPeat tartan then?
Fort William Pits 2016-15
That’s a lot of faux-tartan
Fort William Pits 2016-14
Matching Fox 40s and ‘subtle’ orange highlights

Timed practice started today. We’ll have a huge gallery up as soon as the pigeons arrive with a small bucket of internet.

Fort William Pits 2016-13

Hope Huge Cassettes

We brought you news of Hope Technology’s HB211 carbon fibre full suspension bike last month, as well as news that Hope was finally shipping its new extended range cassette. However, since the launch of things like SRAM’s Eagle 10-50T cassette, it has obviously felt the need to see what it can come up with. So here on the back of the HB211 at the Hope stand at Fort William, is a 10-48T cassette prototype. How huge? It seemed that top enduro racer Woody Hole (who also works at Hope) had tried a 10-46T cassette prototype and no sooner had he fitted it than he discovered an even bigger cassette being assembled!

Fort William Pits 2016-11
Prototype 10-48T cassette from Hope
Fort William Pits 2016-10
No sooner had Woody fitted a proto 10-46T than he got out-prototyped
Fort William Pits 2016-08
Any giant cassette means you can have a bigger chainring. Here’s a 36T ring to mesh with the 48T rear
Fort William Pits 2016-07
Hope’s catchily named HB211 – UK made carbon frame


We’ve not seen any mention of this out there in media-land, but we spotted this chunky looking Renthal Fatbar Carbon and Apex stem on a rider’s bike in the pits. It’s not marked, but what are the chances of a 35mm handlebar (and matching stem) coming out later this year then?

Fort William Pits 2016-06

Robot Bike Co.

A new, British, made in the UK, assembled in the UK company. Robot Bikes launched last week with its 3D-printed titanium lugs and (made in New Zealand) carbon fibre tubes. It comes with a wince-inducing price tag, but the Robot Bike Co. folk are on hand to explain everything about their custom-made, custom geometry frames.
Fort William Pits 2016-05

Fort William Pits 2016-04
Printed titanium head tube
Fort William Pits 2016-03
Internal cable routing of course
Fort William Pits 2016-02
Suspension by Dave Weagle
Fort William Pits 2016-01
Robot Bikes comes with a signature IPA beer of course.


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