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After setting up the ST base for the weekend, we took a stroll around the Fort William World Cup site to see what we could find. If you’ve never been to a World Cup event, and especially Fort William – there’s a lot more to see than you think. Hidden between trailers and tents, under benches and through all possible nooks and crannies, you can find all sorts of unusual stuff and pretty decent photo opportunities. Today, we present a quick look through Friday and Saturday, from the pits to the woods, at the legendary racing weekend.

Rocking the Stevie moustache…nice work!
Keeping the team riding on fresh rubber, and supplied with fresher loo roll.


Each team have their ways of getting round the pits; whether it’s on mopeds, fixies or big old cruisers. As we could probably have expected, there are a few E-bikes gliding around too, but we all know what they look like.

Commuters tucked neatly on the back of the motor homes.
Arriving in the pits in style.


Now, onto a more serious note; the riders take time to warm up before heading out for timed practise runs on Friday afternoon. Get the turbo trainers out, and the turbo faces on.

That right there, is the face of focus.
Team turbo trainer time.
In contrast, some like a bit of alone time to get in the zone.
Pre-use? Post-use?


Proper tubeless, that.
Crew cannot function without tea. This is fact.
Oban Mountain Rescue there for all the riders; just incase.
Essential headwear for marshalls located in the woods.
#lastorders ringing all the way up the hill for Peaty’s bar.

As we head back to the bottom of the hill, the finish line and lanes are brimmed with punters here for the weekend. The sun is out and shining, and the qualifying runs are on the go! It’s going to be another wicked afternoon here, up at the Bill. As always, keep up to date with Singletrack across all the social media platforms.

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