The Amazing Stretch Hose: Video

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So, we were in Lidl (pronounced.. ‘Lie..Dell’) the other day buying the staples of doughnuts, brie and european biscuits when we spotted this gem and just had to give it a try.

As Mark explains in the video, Lidl offers tend to only be available for a week at a time so you may need to be quick if you fancy getting one of these from your local store. However, it is available on Amazon too.

A flaccid hose earlier

Review Info

Brand: Stretch Hose
Product: er.. A stretchy hose
From: Lidl if you are quick.. or Amazon and garden centres probably
Price: £30 ish
Tested: by Mark for 3 days
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    nice idea, but they have a record of failing where the inner (thin) plastic hose detaches from the fittings at either end, or the outer detaches and the inner erupts like a hernia.

    I bought mine from eBay last year. Works pretty well but a lesson, don’t disconnect the tap end without relieving the pressure. It has quite a force and holds a surprising amount of water.

    Also available from Wilko, Dumelm, QVC……..

    saw it on TV
    rubbish just like everything sold on TV (knifes, miracolous slimming belts, abs machines and chinese bikes!)

    £15 for a 100 footer from Amazon with a spray gun.
    Brilliant bike of kit, takes up far less space than the hoselock reel it replaces (hangs from the tap) and far quicker to unravel. Also seems to have less resistance as the pressure from the wall is enough for the bike without having to resort to the pressure washer.

    Nothings perfect but I prefer this to a normal hose that goes mouldy in the reel, splits and stores water inside that goes smelly and stale.

    They are great!
    ….. while they work. They are basically a latex inner that expands under pressure, and would continue to expand until failure were there not to be the outer layer to contain it.

    I had one here in Japan from Amazon USA and I swore by it for the first two months. However, the constant expansion and contraction of the hose leads to minute pin holes appearing in the latex inner that is impossible to repair given the contruction of the connections. Online searches reveal large numbers of failures of a similar nature.

    You will be left with a sprinkler like system that eventually explodes at a weak point leaving you with landfill. It was fantastic. It just is not durable.

    I second what orientdave said. Great idea, but I now have a sprinkler system.

    +1 for they break v quickly = gimmick

    I’ve had mine for a year and it’s still working fine, but maybe I’m lucky. Available at most garden centres and big hardware shops in France, so probably also in the uk

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