World Cup Carnage Drop

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There was one drop in particular on the DH course that caused more ‘issues’ than any other. The combination of rooty approach, greasy wooden platform and lack of any discernible run-out had many of the pro’s on their backsides and more than a few on their heads. Standby, because the biggest crunch is at the start of this video that was shot by spectator Calin Wynne.

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And finally, if you want the full Benny Hill version then scroll down through the comments to the link from Brant Richards – It’s worth it.

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    Needs Benny Hill music.

    well done that lady for clearing that

    It does need benny hill music…

    If that many pros were landing on their heads/necks, surely that’s a badly built line.

    That line has been like that forever at WCs. I think the difference this year was that it was so greasy in the run in and the landing had some big holes and ruts develop.
    That first crash looked pretty serious though – the guy looked KO for a few seconds and I’m pretty sure it was him I saw being packaged up (standing) in a full body vacpac waiting for the ambulance at the bottom. I hope he is ok. Not really entertaining to watch…

    Brant – I owe you a half sir 🙂

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