VIDEO: Greg Minnaar’s Winning Run

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We are back at STHQ now after a breathtaking weekend of Downhill Racing up at Fort William – it really is a must see event and if it isn’t already on your bucket list then drop it in there. Even though the weather prevented any racing happening on the Saturday the rejigged massively full race plan for Sunday just made the whole day that bit more special. Here, thanks to Redbull, is the complete winning run from Greg Minnaar.

You can also relive the events of Sunday through the medium of tweets by going through our onsite live twitter commentary via our dedicated @STWFortBill twitter account. A complete in-browser feed can be found here.

And for a quick taste of the whole day, here’s another RedBull highlights video for you

You can catch up with ALL our 2015 World Cup coverage from the weekend here, including amazing galleries of the riders in action and more video clips, plus news of a new DH bike from Orange. And here, one more time is that heart stopping moment when Manon Carpenter took an OTB within site of victory, snapped by our own Chipps.


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    Was hoping for the full run 🙁
    That’s the edited run we saw live.
    So it only has 20secs of the top, then skips to 2:45 or so. I think they cover it all from there down though.

    Wow thats where Im going wrong…..pedal damn it……..

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