Issue 98 Lands This Week!

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It’s summer time in some of the country, but you can’t ride your bike all the time. And for those times, you’ve got the new issue of Singletrack, out this week.

It’s available to order right now in the Singletrack Shop – for the princely sum of £1.27 + P&P if you’re a subscriber, and £4 if you’re not (and if not – why not?!).
Order your copy now!

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of some of the features you can expect in this issue. Above, we have a low-budget bike packing trip to a remote part of Sweden. Below, we get a few electric mountain bikes in and see if they can handle the mountains. We were very surprised by what we found

Keeping things slightly controversial, we also look at the ‘Plus Size’ movement, see where it’s come from and where it might be going and, importantly, who on earth it’s for?

The bike test has some tasty 27.5in fast hardtails that you can use for racing – even if it’s just against your friends.

Comments (6)

    Lands? Landed surely? It’s arrival forced me to finish last month’s edition.

    The official publication date is tomorrow. Subscribers get them early of course 🙂

    any idea when it will be on pocketmags/stw android app? ta!

    The first issue ever that won’t land on my doormat, as I’ve gone digital. I thought it would be on the app when I started seeing photos of the paper version on Instagram, but no sign yet.

    We aim to get all the digital editions live by the on-sale date (tomorrow, for issue 98). PDF, PageFlip, ePub and Kindle versions are already live in the Mag Archive, and the App edition should be along shortly.

    Cool; looking forward to it.

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