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Scottish coaching company Dirt School has announced the roll-out of its app-centred digital coaching service.

The app (£4.99 from the Apple Store, iOS only) allows you to watch technique videos and read step-by-step guides to 11 essential trail skills, like manuals and drop-offs. You can also upload video of yourself performing these skills – or at least your version of them – before comparing them to the Dirt School coaches (who include racer boy Rab Wardell and EWS head honcho Chris Ball). So if you – like us – think you’re getting it right but still can’t quite get it right, there’s hope for you yet.

In theory…
…and in action.

Chris says: “Videoing a rider during a coaching session is something I’ve found really useful over the years – often what the rider thinks they are doing on the bike is very different to what they’re actually doing. By uploading a video of themselves onto the app and comparing it, it’s much easier for riders to understand where they are going wrong… I’m so excited to be launching our digital services. Being coached in person is great, but we realise not everyone can make it to Scotland for a lesson and that’s exactly why we’ve launched Dirt School Digital – so no matter where you are in the world you can still benefit from our coaching and at a fraction of the normal cost.

There’s also a one-on-one distance coaching service on offer (set up a profile on Dirt School’s website, upload videos of yourself riding and get your technique critiqued by a Dirt School coach from the comfort of your sofa) and ‘Fit by Bike Training Plans’ – three levels of fitness training which use only your bike and four weeks of riding time. The FBTPs cost £20.00, and the coaching service is £35.00 for a single video appraisal or £90 for three, over a six-month period. All available from the Dirt School website.

So who’s going to be first to maim themselves trying to read and practice at the same time?!


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