Singletrack Cinema 5

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Thursday’s in its final throes but don’t fret, we’re here to help you fill that last opportunity for productive work this week with something altogether more fulfilling. Get the kettle on – it’s Singletrack Cinema time…

Traditional Thursday Shred

Bored of NZ yet? No? Good – because here’s James Shirley & Joost Wichman riding the Radon Slide Carbon in New Zealand.

A Drop In The Ocean

Madeira’s not just about sherry you know… There’s mountain biking too!

‘Ben Baker Might Have A Day Job But He Still Pins It’

Following ex-pro Ben Baker as he does his day job and pins it (funnily enough).

Jonesin the Dales

Premier Dealer, Jones rider and all-round good egg Stu Rider shows off his local patch.

Ludo May

This one is for all the folk who’ve been whinging about the ‘changeable’ weather this week. April showers, folks – April showers…


Worth a watch if only to skip straight to the vertiginous grey earth sequence at around the six-minute mark.

Woof, arf arf, etc.

What’s better than riding Torridon? Riding Torridon with a trail dog! Altogether now – ahhhhhh…

Mountain Bikes and Bothy Nights

And after all that excitement, come back down to earth with the soothing tones of Alastair Humphries, who’s got bored of riding around the world and has turned his attention to bikepacking.

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    Loving the Dog video – would love to know how you trained the dog to run behind you as well as infront.

    The bothy on the beach in the ‘Mountain bikes and bothy nights’ video is where my wife and I had our wedding reception with 8 other people (family & friends obviously), a guitar and food (including a we dding cake). Obviously we had a lot of alcohol too (took us 3 days to stock the place up) but it was a truly memorable time, for all the right reasons.

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