MRP and e*thirteen agree to stop bickering

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Both e*thirteen and MRP have patents on direct-mounting bashguards. Quite what the patentable differences are, we’re not sure, but hey, it’s America and they have patents. However, in a rare bit of cycle industry sense, the two companies have agreed to join forces in a co-licensing agreement where they’ll work together and, as one unnamed source of ours said, “…quit bickering now”.

The very vague wording of the official press release suggests the same. In the meantime, here are some photos of the new guides that both companies had at Sea Otter.

MRP’s neat new bashguard guide
And e*thirteen’s

“Chainguide market leaders e*thirteen and MRP have entered into a co-licensing agreement that covers their respective intellectual property relating to the direct mount bashguard. Used extensively in both companies’ product lines since 2007, the direct mount bashguard protects critical drivetrain components and provides several advantages over the traditional crank-mounted bash guard. Many World Champions in the disciplines of four-cross, downhill, and enduro have run chainguides utilizing direct mount bashguards. The agreement will allow both companies to focus independently on continuing innovation, while working together to address any infringing designs that are in the market.”

Finally, in a similarly nice ‘Desert US company listens to UK advice’, MRP’s new skid plate has taken the weight-relieving holes from the front of the plate, where they’d fill up with mud behind the chainring and put them on the more-jetwashable back of the plate.

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