EWS Stages Opened To All In Non-Race Format

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Our friends behind Tweedlove and the Peebles EWS stage have just announced that due being allowed to keep most of the stages open for an extra day after the main event you now have a chance to ride them in a noncompetitive event. Now you can have all the fun without the massive exhaustion and stress of being chased down by some of the world’s top riders. There are rest stops and everything apparently.

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“Thanks to Forestry Commission Scotland allowing us to keep a choice selection of trails  taped and closed to the public for an extra day after the TweedLove EWS race, we are offering a limited number of riders the chance to have their own, non-racing, EWS trail experience.”, said the organisers.

The route takes in many of the best EWS trails – chosen to provide you with a full flavour of the EWS epicness. You’ll be given a route map to guide you round the stages, but you can choose to miss some out if you’re running out of time -you’ll have a cut-off time you need to be back to base, or we’ll be sending out the search parties. You’ll be given an official EWS Xtra number board to be stamped when each stage is completed, and once you’re done, just check back in to Alpine Bikes to pick up your exclusive event T shirt and EWS Xtra stickers for your bike.  The ride is self-guided (via the map and signage) and everyone can go their own pace, just as long as you register at the start and finish.”

There are two starting points for the day – Alpine Bikes at Glentress or Innerleithen but you have to finish at your chosen starting point and be back by 7pm.  Local cafes will be acting as well prepared and well stocked lunch stops for you.

“It’s a long day out, but one you’ll never forget, especially if you’ve been out watching the pros shredding the very same trails in the days before.”

There are a limited number of places available from each venue, so enter early if you want to get the start spot you want.  Entry fee includes access to the fully taped EWS stages (all still closed to public), event T shirt, personalised number board, map and bike stickers. Please note that riders must be self sufficient, as the course is not fully marshalled. You can refuel at the cafes, but take spares and supplies as you normally would on a big day out in the Scottish hills. This is not a race, and stages are not timed. Unsurprisingly, stages will include steep and technical terrain, so this ride is not recommended for beginners.

Cost: £25 including T shirt, number board, official map.

For full details on the event please check www.tweedlove.com.

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