Topeak Mountain Morph

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mountain morph
Length: 35cm

Weight: 236g

The Topeak Mountain Morph is a trackpump-style trail pump, “optimized for MTB”. It’s one of the longer pumps in this test at 348mm long, and it’s also the heaviest at 236g. That said, it should fit neatly into most backpacks. A fairly wide barrel is topped and tailed by a plastic handle at one end and a plastic footplate and hose assembly at the other.

The handle disengages from the barrel with a nice tactile feeling, and folds out to a T-shape, which is comfortable to use. Happily there’s just enough of a bumper internally that your knuckles don’t come into contact with the barrel during any particularly vigorous pumping action – my knuckles haven’t thanked me using a few pumps in the past. The fold-out foot stand offers increased stability, and the flexible hose helps to save your valves from any awkwardly angled forces a solid pump might bestow. The valve head doesn’t have an automatic Presta/Schrader adapter – it’s the tried-and-tested internal flip type, but this isn’t really an issue, as most people tend to use one type of tube anyway. The valve lock lever also includes a little Schrader air-release tool – a nice touch for those of us who don’t have the fingernails otherwise required.

That long barrel means that it moves quite a lot of air at once, but the mini-trackpump design means that you can achieve a nicely efficient pumping pose should you feel the need to put some effort in and ramp the pressure up.

Downsides? Well, the valve-lock lever is quite stiff to activate, and the hinge for the footplate could be more solid-feeling, but neither of these is enough to detract from a good pump at a good price.

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Product:Mountain Morph
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Tested:by James for 2 months

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