Knox Trooper

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Knee pads-13
These sit somewhere between a knee and knee/shin combo pad, with a soft pad extension which sits below the knee cup offering extra protection to the upper shin. It’s very effective, too – especially in the sort of sliding, knee-down-first crash that can make pads with less coverage shift. The second difference is the fixture: the Trooper fastens with velcro straps at top and bottom and a sturdy, six-inch YKK zipper up the inside of each leg. Surprisingly – thanks to the substantial neoprene baffle – this actually turned out to be really comfortable. Though the open back means they go on and off with ease, the larger pack size means they took up a fair bit of room in/on a bag and they’re pretty warm, despite the mesh backs and lightweight lycra liner (I’d have preferred a more absorbent fabric here – lycra isn’t up to the job). Security is great though, with touches like silicon thigh grippers and a small tab to stop each velcro strap from slipping off the top of the pad, really working to keep them in place while pedalling.


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Tested:by Jenn for 2 months

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