Barney’s Top Ten for 2015

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Barney’s been looking back through the year’s pics, and has filleted his choice of the lustable and drool-worthy down to ten things he’d like to test in 2015. Here’s what he’d like to get his paws on next year…

Specialized Enduro

What tyres for the beach
What tyres for the beach

A couple of years ago, when I was in the market for a new bike, the Specialized Enduro 29in was high on the list. At the time it was unavailable, sadly, so I never got to try one. The recently introduced 27.5in version looks very, very tasty indeed, and hopefully we’ll get one into the office to test next year.

WTB Scraper rims and Trailblazer tyres

Not fat- nor terribly overweight

A bit of a cheat having rims and tyres, but in this case you can’t have one without the other. Half-fat, 45mm 27.5in rims with 2.8in tyres to match? And everything fits into your existing 29er frame and forks? What’s not to love? Certainly worth far more than a raised eyebrow in my book, at any rate. Extra grip, increased contact patch for schlepping through the mire, and all on your old frame? Yes please…

Rose Root Miller Supertrail

More bounce = more goodness
Spot the prototype…

I was lucky enough to ride a couple of trails on the standard version of Rose’s redesigned Root Miller 29er trail eater earlier in the year, and I was very impressed indeed. The Root Miller Supertrail replaces the (occasionally overfaced) standard 130mm Revelation fork with a stiffer and longer Pike, for extra gnar. I’d be intrigued to see how the Supertrail would cope on Calderdale’s trails: I expect great things.

BOS Dizzy

Bos - wonder stuff
BOS, but XC. Mmmm

120mm of buttery smooth XC travel in a None-More-French fork package. The 15mm thru axle sits in a sleeve in the dropout to help maintain stiffness. So a stiff,  29er, air sprung, closed cartridge fork, with 100mm or 120mm travel that weighs in at a claimed 1580g. Yum.

Scott winter shoe

Scott's serious winter bootage
Now that’s a serious winter boot

 Insulated winter boots that look very toasty and totally fab. And as someone with pathologically cold feet, they may well just be the ticket.

Kore dropper post

Keeping it coy…

Kore has been very coy about its new stealth dropper post so far – the only pics we have show the head peeking through, and little else. I’m intrigued. The seat clamp looks very clever, with the air valve at the head end, if the rest of the post has as much creative thinking it could well be a winner.

Schwalbe Procore

The outer chamber is filled with blue stuff only for demo purposes. That's the tubeless low pressure chamber.
The outer chamber is filled with blue stuff only for demo purposes. That’s the tubeless low pressure chamber.

The Procore system involves a slim innertube placed next to the rim, which runs a relatively high pressure. A standard tubeless tyre sits outside that, inflated to much lower pressure – around 14psi. So, lots of grip, larger contact patch and no rim-spanging thanks to that inner tube. I’m intrigued.

Bell Super 2R Helmet

Very bright orange version

Bell helmets tend to fit my bonce really well. The super 2R looks like just the job for general trail riding, the occasional Alps trip and the odd enduro race. Ride it without the guard for the most part, and if you need a little more protection, just strap on the chin piece and proceed to schralp.

Hope cranks

Chic. Strong. Northern.

Good looking, forged and CNC machined cranks of loveliness. They come with a 30mm oversized axle and accompanying BB, and you can get a selection of spiderless chainrings and spiders. Plus they’re made in Lancashire.

Royal Racing Stage Jacket

Royal Red

I’ve not had a chance to play with the Stage jacket yet, but it looks the business. Fleece-lined, water repellant, packable and the vents aren’t obscured by hydration packs. Excellent. It’s also designed so you don’t need to keep taking it on and off during your ride: it sounds ideal for the sort of riding I do.

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  1. Those Hope cranks look the mutt’s, but I shudder to think about the price.

  2. Hope cranks look lovely, but they were supposed to be out this month, anyone seen any yet?

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