Race Face Charge

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In the world of leg armour the Charge Leg Guard is a featherweight at best. An easy way to imagine it is as the result of a drunken night of passion between a knee warmer and an armoured knee pad. With a mesh sleeve construction and kevlar-covered foam front, it’s certainly the least intrusive piece of protection I’ve ever slipped over my knees. Admittedly there’s a limited amount of protection afforded, but they’re probably the most-worn piece of armour I own; I’ve come to use them replacing three-quarter coverage or knee warmers, with something that’s going to help in a crash. They’re well vented thanks to all that mesh, hardly noticeable on the bike, and they pack up small so tend to live in my pack for a bit of ‘just in case’ peace of mind. There’s also the psyching-out value when putting them on surrounded by the hard shell armour crowd and pointing out you don’t need anything more as you don’t intend to crash…

Overall: Perfect for slipping on before every ride.

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Brand:Race Face
From:Silverfish, silverfish-uk.com
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