Fresh Goods Friday 211

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At last! It’s come around again, after a week of alarmingly torrential rains, depressingly sporadic sunshine and frankly rude temperature drops. Friday, we’re ridiculously glad you’ve arrived. And with it comes the latest in a long line of weekly updates – here’s what’s new and fresh this week:


Packable Disc Jacket – EXCLUSIVE

Vulpine stuffable
Kenny Everett eaten by hedge SHOCK

A last-minute addition to the Packable Jackets grouptest in the next issue, the Vulpine Packable Disc packs into – er – a disc. It is supposed to be very breathable, water resistant for puddles, light rain and sleet. Its made with Schoeller fabric, which is dead posh. And we’ve got the first one in to test! As well as this Navy Blue with a Green contrast ripstop it’ll also be available in Racing Red with an Orange contrast stripe. Oooooh.


Men’s Softshell Jacket

Vulpine softshell
Evidently the cream is working a treat

Rich is doing his best Star-Trek Engineer (with a personal problem) in this very Sci-Fi looking Vulpine Softshell. Loads of nice touches, reflective bits, a drop tail, magnets holding everything down and a susprisingly robust set of shoulders.

Price: £175

Both from: Vulpine

Osocyclo phone mount

Osocyclo phone mount
Snot green iPhone not included

If you’re cavalier enough to use your phone as a bike computer, this little holder might just fit the bill. It’ll fit any phone up to 95mm wide using a cunning system of rubber webbing.

Osocyclo mount underside
Almost festive contrasts

Here’s a view of the underside to give you an idea of how it all works.

Price: £19.99

From: Oso

Showers Pass

Rogue Hoodie Softshell

Showers Pass softshell

Sarah waits expectantly for caffeine in the Rogue Hoodie: breatheable, windproof, wrist gaiters and thumb loops, reflective bits, holes for ipod etc and apparently the hood fits over most helmets.

Price: £120

Crosspoint Waterproof Socks

Showes Pass Waterproof Socks

Seamless waterproof socks, 3 layer construction, to keep Jamie’s delicate tootsies toasty and dry.

Price: £25.00

Both from: Showers Pass

DMR Stage1 Saddle

DMR Stage1

An arse-friendly version of the V12 pedal, apparently. So it needs to “be good value, good weight and to appeal to any mountain biker”.

DMR saddle

It’s available in a selection of colourways, and also comes with a RideSaver velcro strap for cunning and discrete tube/tool storage.

Price: £49.99

From: Upgrade


Vivace 10

Manfrotto little bag

The Italian veryveryposhtripod company has luggage too! The Vivace 10 is a small SLR and lens thing with Italian styling, and the…

Advance Tri-BackPack

Manfrotto Camera bag

…has loads and loads of little compartments to store all your precious SLR kit when you’re out on a gnarly MTB photoshoot.

Price: £124.99

Both from Manfrotto

100% Celium Gloves

Celium Gloves
“Pucker up! I’m COMING IN”

Rich is getting all surgical with these very, very lightweight Celium gloves from 100%. Not sure how white they’ll look after a season of enduro racing, but the price is right…

Price: £19.99

From: Decade

Asgard Access Plus 29er Shed

ShedFor maximal bike security and lack of stealing-ness (I do this for a living – can you tell?) here’s the Asgard shed. This one is big enough for up to 4 29ers! Hurrah! For your amusement, here’s a video of our illustrious benefactor (well, Mark) erecting the aforementioned with an unfortunate minion:

Price: £475

From: Asgard

That’s all for now – we’re off scuba-diving out local trails while we can still see them. Have a good weekend one and all!

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