Fresh Goods Friday 210

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I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too, Thursday I don’t care about you –  It’s Friday, it’s Fresh Goods…

(sorry, Robert)

Club Ride clothing

Ray Jeans

Club Ride Jeans

These jeans come complete with reflective accents, made from ‘performance fabrics’ which ‘stretch for active movement’ and are ‘quick drying and breatheable’. They look impressively denimy (is that a word?) too.

Price: £57.99

Half Rack Knicker shorts

Club Ride shorts
It’s not foreshortening – his legs really do taper like that

Our Dave wears the Half Rack Knicker Shorts, with all the same features of the jeans, but loads less denimy and rather a lot more shorty.

Price: £57.99

Precinct Jersey

Club ride top
Vogueing never went out of fashion

The delectable Sim popped by for a visit. As he’s way more good looking than anyone else in the office (but only when looking left) we made him model the Precinct Jersey. It’s over his yellow Tshirt, in case you’re wondering (I tried to get him to take his top off but he wouldn’t, after last time).  Lots of mesh,  UV protection, quick drying, storage pockets etc. etc.

Price: £39.99

All from Hotlines

Free Parable Design

Gorilla Cage

Hold all thingy

From bike-polo types comes this enormous bottle cage, which can hold things of maximum hugeness. Great for bike-packing, we’re thinking. Fire extinguisher not included.

Price: TBC

Monkii Clip


If your bike doesn’t have a bottle cage, and you’d like it to, this might be the ticket. Works best (we think) on skinny steel tubes, but it might have a place on your seatpost too.

Price: TBC

From: Free Parable

Goodridge brake hose

Goodrich hose

Barney’s got some Goodridge bling hose for his brakes. All very Star Wars Stormtrooper. It’s available in loads of different colours, as are the attachment collars (which you can get in aluminium or stainless steel.

Price: £8.99 per metre for the hose; £27.99 per connector kit.

From: Hotlines

Mule Savoury Bars

Savoury energy bar

Savoury bars of energy goodness. Like a salty flapjack.

Price: £1.60 each

From: Madison

Mavic Stratos Convertible Jacket

Mavic Jacket
Chipps’ lamentable Judge Dredd impression

It’s impossible to get Chipps to look normal, but we stuck this jacket on him and took some pics anyway. The MTB-specific Stratos has detatchable sleeves, lots of vents, is scuff-proof and breatheable.

Price: £135

From: Mavic

Life Cycles by Julian Sayarer

Life Cycles book

Round the world bikealogue, political diatribe and philosophical musings at 12mph, apparently.

Price: £8.99

From: Booksellers everywhere

Shimano Zee mech

Zee R Mech

Because Richard keeps on breaking his. Silly boy.

Price: £59.99

From: Madison

..and finally here’s a video of Barney not being funny OR ironic. But there is a COMPETITION in it to win some EnduroGuards from RRP!

Rightyho, that’s it for this week: time to hunker down and brave the drowned-cat weather that’s forecast for this weekend. Ciao for now!


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