Fresh Goods Friday 206

by Barney Marsh 18

It’s the first Fresh Goods of September – and autumn is making a tentative appearance deep in the valley. But never fear! Here’s a glimpse at the gear that’s come in to the office this week:

Pyga 110


We’ve got a Pyga 110 in for our next grouptest – 110mm of rear travel in a 29er with geometry set for fun…

No nonsense trail hurtlage

…ours comes with an SLX drivetrain, SIDs, and..


…a RockShox Monarch RT3 shock.

Price: £1749 frame and shock

From: R53

Shimano M200 shoes

Olive drab. Nice lace cover.

Dave returned from Eurobike with these tasty looking trail shoes. Twisty for walking, not bendy for riding, apparently. They also have a cord lacing system: Lush. Also, not available in this colourway in the UK (we can get them in black, with red and white detailing).

Orange sole detailing

Price: £149.99

From: Madison

Fabric Grips


We’re the first people to get these new grips from Fabric – grippy, comfy, lots of different colours. 80g, aluminium clamps, polypropylene barrel.

Price: £19.99

From: CSG

GoPro Dog Harness

Lassie’s let herself go… really, really let herself go.

In the absence of any dogs in the office today, Chipps manfully steps up to the plate to model this lovely dog mount for your favourite GoPro camera. Here it is in merciful close-up:

Camera not included

Price: £59.99

From: Madison

Knog Qudos GoPro video light


Waterproof to 40 metres, these lights come with two mounts for side-by side camera action, or a bit of tripod illumination.

Price: £89.99

From: Moore Large

VW T5 Kombi


After one last goodbye Eurobike roadtrip, Dave’s finally upgrading his ancient VW T4 Multivan for something a bit more modern and a little bit longer. Here’s his new T5 LWB Kombi which is destined to mutate into the Adventürebüs II. He’ll be blogging the conversion as it happens…

Price: Less

Right – that’s it for this week! The trails are surprisingly dry and ace, so we’re going to strap on some lights, and send Chipps gambolling off on all fours to find some kids down wells, while we hit the trails. Sayonara for now…

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  1. Shame we can’t get them shoes in Olive drab. Was Clover on another modelling assignment?

  2. I’d buy those shoe’s in olive drab…in black…not so much.

  3. Wasn’t Lassie a boy dog?

  4. That Pyga looks just like a Kona Process 111 and that new Transition bike… I sense a pattern. Fun short-travel 29ers ahoy!

  5. Nah, Lassie was a girl, Lassie, as in “lass”.

  6. Those shoes wouldn’t look out of place on an Action Man doll!

  7. Lassie was a girl character, played by a boy dog, fact fans. I know; I checked before I ran the story 😉

  8. I reckon the holes in those Fabric grips will be full of mud in a few weeks

  9. Those shoes look like the Rebel Commandoes would wear them on Endor.

  10. VW forgot to put the topcoat on that van when it left the factory!

  11. MBUK liked that new Pyga. Oddly they made only a passing comment about the possibility that the SIDs might be a bit noodly, then raved about the bike as an all-rounder. Have we all been conned into buying bigger forks? 😆

  12. Have you got a link to Dave’s blog?

  13. It’ll be on here when I start it

  14. Maybe the van was built in France and they have a lot of spare battleship grey left over from a recent unfulfilled contract….

  15. I wouldn’t run SIDs on my PYGA 29-10. Running traces dropped to 130mm Nd they feel perfect. Be interested to see what stw think.

  16. I’m not buying another pair of black MTB shoes…. when worn with my black baggies and black socks, when I look down they remind me too much of school shoes! Flash backs to cold winter mornings walking to primary school in me shorts… brrrr!!!

  17. @ stilltortoise – which MBUK was that Pyga review in?

    I saw the WMB one were they also stuck a Pike on and preffered it that way

  18. @charliemort September I think

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