SRAM reveal new RISE 60 wheels

by Barney Marsh 5

SRAM have unveiled a new pair of XC (plus) wheels: the RISE 60.
Here’s what  the release has to say:
“In RISE, we’ve engineered the perfect balance of weight, inertia, engagement and stiffness to give you the right ride for XC and beyond—the right feel and the right results. Quicker bursts, tighter turns, better rolling and easier climbs. Softer landings and smoother descents. Bigger wins. Louder cheers. Every wheel connects you to the ground. Only a few can carry you to new heights.”


They’re hookless rims (seriously – why did we ever use hooks in the first place? They’re so passé). And they have new “double time” hub and pawl geometry. So lots of pawl engagement – there are 4 pawls, and 26 teeth in the ratchet ring – but only two pawls engage at a time. So 52 effective engagement points for a nice smooth buzz.

In their lightest configuration (you can tweak axles and XD or regular freehub), a pair of 27.5in wheels weighs a claimed 1390g; the 29in option weighs a claimed 1430g.

The cheapest option will set you back £1512 (that’s £722 for the front wheel, and £790 for the rear). Add on £30 to the front hub price if you want the Predictive front hub for Rockshox’s new RS-1 fork.

More details from SRAM




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  1. chris_db – that’s what the SRAM copywriter thought!
    “damn, I’m gonna have to really sell the crap out of these”

  2. I was sold when they said ‘Bigger wins’!

    How big is a big win? Coming first is normally as good as is possible.

    (I’m clearly not cut out for a career in marketing)

  3. … !! … For that price I would quite like a free bike to connect them together.

  4. The price of high end bike kit is spiralling out of control and it would wonderfully ironic if SRAM sold none of these !

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