AIMUp Innerleithen Uplift wants your opinions

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Live in or visit the Scottish Borders? Like the descents but not so keen on the climbs? Read on, this one’s for you…


“Although it’s been pretty quiet on the AIMUp Innerleithen Uplift project for the last wee while, we have continued to work towards our goal. Whilst we’re still some way off a successful outcome, we believe we’re still moving in the right direction & continue to have great support from Scottish Borders Council.

Part of the work we’ve been doing is to refine our business case & presentation material. We were able to engage a consultant to work on further developing the supporting evidence for the project, as well as carry out some market research for us.

To that end, we’re now looking for a little help to get as many folks to complete a short survey for us. We’re looking for bikers & non-bikers to complete the survey, which should only take 5 or so minutes.”

Ian Campbell, AIMUp

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