Michelin and Northwave join forces to make cycling shoes

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Northwave has just announced a partnership with those kings of rubber, Michelin. The pair have been working together on a series of mountain bike shoes that will be launched at Eurobike next month.

Michelin-soled tennis shoes from Babolat

This isn’t Michelin’s first collaboration with a shoe company and a bit of digging shows that Michelin-soled shoes are already well established in the tennis and safety boot worlds.

There are no details yet, apart from a vague press release (and an even vaguer poster, above) that talks about Michelin being brought in to co-develop “an innovative range of soles, set to improve off-road shoes’ performance while displaying a captivating and unique design.”

“Conceived for off-road bikers, the three new models coming out the partnership between Northwave and Michelin Tech Soles will be the first ever cycling shoes to employ Michelin technology, as a Worldwide exclusive, and will be launched by the Italian company during the upcoming Eurobike Expo Fair in Friedrichshafen (Germany), from 27th to 30th of August.”

We’re not sure what tread pattern or rubber durometer they’re planning on using. Or if the shoes have directional tread or not (or if the left shoe will be a different colour to the right shoe), but stay tuned for our Eurobike coverage, starting August 26th.

Something like this perhaps? A Michelin safety boot, earlier.

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    But are they going to make any wide fitting clip-less shoe’s?

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