More gumwall! Tan Surly Nate fatbike tyres

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So much right!  Or too much wrong?

Like the old days.  Just fatter.
Like the old days. Just fatter.

Fatbikes are polarising.  Gumwalls are polarising.  Even polished components can be polarising.  What happens when the three are combined in one massive neo-retro wheelset?  We’re imagining an exponential increase in the love/hate (delete as applicable).

Not quite like we remember
Not quite like we remember

Seen here on last year’s limited edition, Pugsley Special Ops, complete with polished aluminium rims and finishing kit, the Surly Nate 3.8 Tan Sidewall is a gumwall version of Surly’s aggressive fatbike tyre.  Named for a guy named Nate, the Nate “has a shred-your-face-off, run-over-anything, kung fu grip knobby tread pattern.”  There’s really not much we can do to follow that.

It's OK to be frightened
It’s OK to be frightened

The Nate’s tan casing sports 60 threads per inch and the tyre weighs in just shy of 1,400g thanks to the yin and yang of a folding bead and lots of rubber.  Retail is £65 and UK distribution comes courtesy of Ison.

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    reminds me of a Raleigh Maverick – albeit on steroids!

    I’m all kinds of ok with this.

    Looks just like my mate’s Mustang did with 2.4 Michelins BITD. Through my rose tinted frogskins…….

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