Scott Path 30 Short Sleeved Shirt

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As may be apparent from the photo, this is a casually-styled riding tee from those Euro-types at Scott.

This is a large, but it fits XL me quite nicely. There would be room for more armour – or a nice flappy, baggy, so-hot-right-now fit – for more normally sized folk. If you’re not keen on flap, size down. It’s got a hidden mesh pocket, and the seam at the back of the neck is shielded to prevent irritation. The styling is at the loud edge of understated – there are plenty of blues to play with, and their arrangement is quite arresting – and the different colours are actually different fabrics stitched together. Any concerns that the seams might be noticeable under a Camelbak or similar were quickly dispelled once I started riding though. The t-shirt apparently contains DryOxcell fabric, although whether this is one or all of the fabrics is unclear. It’s supposed to ‘dry faster’ – but the Scott website doesn’t tell you quite what it dries faster than. However, it certainly seems to hold its own in the dryness stakes compared to similar baggy riding tees I’ve tried. The darkest blue fabric in particular (for they are not quite the same, no!) is more perforated than the others, and so provides enhanced, refreshing coolage to my left armpit when riding fast. Aww, how did they know?

Overall: A nice, casual technical riding tee. If you like the styling, it’s worth a look.

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Product:Path 30
Tested:by Barney for 6 months

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