Cool technology gets cooler: Smith’s Overtake

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Forefront’s Koroyd technology gets makeover for road (& cross-country)

Smith Overtake Pink 1
Never mock the man in a pink helmet.

Introduced to the cycling world last summer in the Smith Forefront trail/enduro helmet, Koroyd is the first major break we’ve seen from standard foam helmet construction in quite some time.  The material consists what look like thousands of stubby drinking straws, which taken together do an exceptionally good job at dissipating impact.  How good?  Koroyd is said to dissipate up to 30% more energy in a given thickness than expanded polystyrene- which can lead to lower-profile helmets, better energy absorption, or some combination of the two.

Nifty stuff, that Koroyd.
Nifty stuff, that Koroyd.

With a great fit and one of the most comfortable and stable retention systems going, the Forefront is not just a remarkable first effort- it’s a truly competitive trail lid.  That said, hotter weather and longer rides have had us reaching for airier alternatives.  Enter the Overtake.

If your helmet looks like this...
If your helmet looks like this…

Targeted primarily at road riders, the Overtake boasts light weight (250g claimed), excellent aerodynamics (beating “the industry-leading aero road helmet”), and a superior ventilation.  The Overtake will also be offered with MIPS’ multi-directional impact protection system to reduce the effects of damaging rotational forces on the brain.

Matte Acid Ombre: one of twelve available colours
Matte Acid Ombre: one of twelve available colours

As with the Forefront, the Overtake’s looks have divided Singletrack Towers into two camps: love and… not so much.  While not designed for off-road use, the Overtake’s dropped rear and optional MIPS liner is likely to find fans among cross-country types looking for more confidence than that offered by more traditional road helmets.

The Overtake will make its formal debut at Eurobike in August and become available in late autumn.  Twelve colour options will be offered in the standard model at $250 (£147) and five with MIPS at $310 (£183).


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