Midweek Mini Movies 202

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Here’s another generous helping of two wheeled eye candy in a video format that’ll help keep your stoke levels high til the weekend…

100% Brumotti Road Bike – Volume 1

Brumotti was inspired by British trials rider Martyn Ashton’s 2012 Road Bike Partyfilm and its recent 2013 sequel, Road Bike Party 2. Brumotti has been riding trials on road bikes since 2013 and, besides capturing the spectacle on film, he also showcases his skills to the public at road bike freestyle shows.

Martyn was one of my inspirations and I was a huge fan of everything he did onRoad Bike Party,” says Brumotti. “My new film is my dedication to Martyn’s work.”

I’ve known Vittorio for many years,” says Martyn Ashton of Brumotti, “He brought his energy and style to the competition scene and his passion for riding is legendary in the trials world. He has always wanted to inspire people through his riding and this video is certainly going to do that.”

Tweedlove Enduro World Series Race Day One

Here’s our video report from day one of racing at the Enduro World Series at Tweedlove.

Tweedlove Enduro World Series Race Day Two

And day two of racing at the Enduro World Series at Tweedlove

My HighlandTrail adventure.

Stu rides his bike in Scotland.

Ride IO Shimano BDS 2014 Round 3 AE Forest

Ride IO Shimano BDS 2014 Round 3 AE Forest presented by: X-Fusion xfusionshox.com/ Pivot Cycles pivotcycles.co.uk/

Epic Enduro Training Edit

Just for fun made a sick edit. Ride Ibiza Holidays. Spain. (Cough. Boyfriend. Cough)

Devinci/Alltricks.com Enduro Team

Damien Oton/Théo Galy riding the new Devinci Enduro specific bike!

And finally…

May contain NSFW swears but comedy gold…

Skateboarder Garrett Hill’s coffee fail

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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    Interesting, that there is a swear filter on the forum but you have posted a film where some one with issues just swears.
    Not even a Not work friendly warning.

    Ash is deffinately #moreendurothanyou 😉

    I think Stu and his cohorts passed us whilst we were near Fort William in Scotland. We were miles up a dusty track when a large group of bike packing MTBers came past the other way. I’m sure I spotted a few Skipton shirts amongst them which I thought was random given we’d travelled up there from Halifax!

    And that’s what happens if you don’t pull your trousers up kids!

    Road bike trials just mad!
    How the hell does he not bend a wheel/frame/ body part or even get a puncture?

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