Sea Otter: Project 321 having fun with colour!

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Plus hubs and Lefty adapters for normal bikes…

Re-finished Cannondale cranks
Re-finished Cannondale cranks

California machine shop Project 321 has made a name for themselves for providing nicely-executed solutions to niche problems (desires?).  Take, for example, their Lefty kits.  Allowing those with standard (non-Cannondale) frames to use the single-legged fork, the company’s Lefty adapters have made a lot of Lefty lovers very, very happy.

Black rims boring?  How 'bout some purple Notubes Crests?
Black rims boring? How ’bout some purple Notubes Crests?

Knowing that there are plenty of riders wanting to customise their rides, Project 321 also offers re-finished Stan’s rims in red, blue, gold, and green for $130 (vs. $90 in the US for stock).  Pink, purple, and orange are available to order for $145.  Similarly, Project 321 brings in Cannondale SISL2 cranksets, strips and hand-polishes the arms, and then sends them out for anodising.  Given the work involved, $100 seems a reasonable upcharge (of course, the starting point is $1,200/£710).

There's nothing right about a Lefty.   Get it?
There’s nothing right about a Lefty.
Get it?

Given their Lefty business, hubs were a natural next step.  CNC’d hubs are available in six colours for existing Lefty forks as well as for the new Lefty Max.  Pricing for the US-made hubs starts at a reasonable $140/£85.  A 130mm Cannondale Supermax Carbon 29er fork with Project 321 clamps weighs 3.94lb/1,790g and costs $1,400(£830).

Clickety boo
Everything is clickety-boo

At the other end of the bike, Project 321’s new Rear Hub uses  Industry Nine’s Torch freehub, which is solid, proven, and… loud.  Happily, three of the standard six pawls can be removed to allow simultaneous conversation and coasting.  Again, several colours are offered and XD drivers are now available.

Project 321 products are available in the UK from Sixty Nine Cycles in Cheshire and Strada Wheels in West Sussex

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