Fresh Goods Friday 186

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The Easter bunny hasn’t been yet but luckily the UPS man has; it’s time for Fresh Goods Friday!

Ion Keen Bike Short and Helia S/S Tee

It's dressing up day in the office...
It’s dressing up day in the office…

Colourful and nicely fitting bike wear to put the euro in enduro (does that work?).

Price: TBC

Ion Prime Jacket

Hugh Laurie's let himself go...
Suits you sir…

Primaoft insulation for pre, mid, and post ride warmth.

Price: TBC

From: Ion Products

Sweet Protection Bearsuit Knee Pads


Anatomically  designed for a 3d pedalling fit, Bearsuits use SAS-Tec to protect your knees when you stack.

Price: £79.00

From: Sweet Protection

Gore Alp-X Shorts

Can be seen from space
Can be seen from space

Boom! Bright popping shorts with a heap of features and plenty of space for kneepads without being “too flappy”.

Price: £109.00

Gore Fusion 2.0 shorts

More colours
More colours

Slightly more conservative but still with plenty of colour the Fusion 2.0 shorts have plenty of ventilation to keep you cool on long hot climbs.

Price: £99.99

Both From: Gore Bike Wear

Source Pulse 2l Hydration Pack

We're not sure either
We’re not sure either

Everything you need to haul water and gear on summer rides and with added colour too.

Price: £55.99

Aerozine  X-One

Light anium

A  single ring crankset with a narrow/wide chainring to get you bang on trend with the ‘One by’ crew…

Price: £149.99

Kali Amara XC Helmet

Jet lag not pictured...
Jet lag not pictured…

A well vented ‘XC/Enduro’ helmet with built in light or camera mount.

Price: £74.99

All From: NRG

MT Zoom Ultralight Carbon Flat Bar


A 710mm O/S flat bar that weighs in at 118 grams, perfect for the aspiring weight weenie…

Price: 94

From Mt Zoom

That’s it for this week, we’re off to ride in the sun and binge on chocolate, see you on the flipside for some debrief action…

Comments (12)

    I thought I read the Gore shorts were £100+…..!! The Ion jacket looks awesome though

    No shorts are worth £100.

    I got some of those fusion 2.0 shorts in a sale for £45 and was a bit disappointed… The material and cut are good but the waist band adjusters are rubbish. No way worth £100 imo. I do love Gore stuff on the whole though

    What is the sweep on the mt zoom bar please?

    I hope kali have changed the retention system they use on their helmets. The one on mine is total crap – the dial pops open when its even slightly touched by top of camelbak. This typically happens when descending and the helmet then dips forward over my eyes! Worst helmet ever!

    You know something’s out of whack when those Gore Fusion shorts could be considered “more conservative” O_o

    Rockfield – got one and couldn’t agree more – fitted really well but can’t trust it at all. Been using it for road riding and even then it’s annoying.

    When did Nick Knowles start working at STW?

    Is it me or do the crank arms have an oblong hole that isn’t threaded for the pedals? Is there a fancy fitment plate to adjust ‘effective’ crank arm length?

    Well spotted Stupegg. I guess there must be some sort of insert you, umm, ..insert, that allows a range ie. 175, 172.5 and 170mm effective pedal arm lengths on the same crank set ?

    and yes…. Nick Knowles has let himself go !

    He is a very peculiar looking fish, and no mistake. He’d look slightly better after a shave. And maybe wearing a paper bag with two eye holes cut out..


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