Chris King Buzzworks’ prototype OffSet headset

by Marc Basiliere 9

Need a bit more reach on that XXL frame?

Something doesn't look quite right
Something doesn’t look quite right

Coming out of Chris King’s Buzzworks prototype shop, this OffSet headset was developed for the rangy riders on Santa Cruz’s Syndicate race team.  Too tall for even their sponsor’s largest frames, Minaar, Peat, and Bryceland were looking for a bit more cockpit and wheelbase on their race bikes.  In response, King and company developed a model that offsets the steering axis 8mm (roughly 1/3in) from the centre of head tube.

This will get you one of these.
This will get you one of these.

Working with common 44mm straight head tubes, the OffSet headset will require a straight-steerer fork, something still common among the dual-crown crowd (and available at a discount elsewhere).  While Chris King’s blog notes that Buzzworks concepts “may never make it to production,” we could see an OffSet model filling a need among those looking for a bit more – or a bit less – reach in their frames.

Chris King Buzzworks HS Side

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  1. Would love one of these. I have a 44mm upper and 1.5 lower though. Suspect it’ll be a long wait.

  2. lol Santa Cruz sponsored riders don’t fit Santa Cruz bikes.

  3. Bit surprised Santa Cruz don’t make custom sized frames for their sponsored riders.

  4. Works Components have theirs almost ready to go on sale I think. Not as aero though 😉

  5. Nice one. will be after the Works version

  6. “…looking for a bit more cockpit and wheelbase on their race bikes.”
    Am I having a basic geometry fail? Surely – with everything else being even – a shallower fork angle within the same frame will shorten the cockpit.

    …or have I misunderstood what the “cockpit” is?

  7. It’s not changing the angle, it’s changing the physical offset of the fork – hence it needs a straight steerer – it means the steerer will sit right at the front of the head tube, rather than in the middle.

  8. Argh I want one! Is there any way I can get one of these?

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