Sneak peeks from Cotic’s workshop

by Chipps 1

They don’t give much away, but we spotted these shots in the personal snapshot gallery of one of Cotic’s graphic designers. The photos, from this week show that there’s a lot of machining, tube bending and TIG welding going on in the Penistone, Sheffield HQ of Bicycle Manufacturing Ltd (more on them from our story here). As it was announced that all future Cotic droplink full suspension bikes will be manufactured here, we can only assume that that’s what they’re currently working on. Seems the CNC machine is being kept busy, but there are also shots of tube bending mandrels and some TIG welding.

Wait, that’s not Halo you’re playing!

One day this will be part of a beautiful bicycle. Or a door stop.
The compact multi-tool development isn’t going as well.
We love a good mitre
Connect rest of bike to this. Shred.
That’ll be the ‘R&D’ they keep going on about.
It’s either a launch ramp for a mouse stuntman, or a shock link
Good enough for a bishop
Fixing Trigger’s spade handle. Or a secret part. One of…
Bendy tubes come out here
A sideline in thumb-cuffs helps pay the bills
The game of Battleship was going well though

Like what you see? Stay tuned for more random stuff as we look through long-lost memory cards for the latest peeks into the mountain bike world.

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  1. That R&D looks like tough work..

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