Thomson Covert and 27.2mm droppers coming nearer

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Is it May yet?

Keeping things tidy
Keeping things tidy

“We plan to start shipping 27.2 droppers in the third week of May.”

Sure, we reported on both back ’round Eurobike, but seeing as every time we mention droppers someone pipes up asking for a 27.2mm model, here’s a quick update.  As posted on Thomson’s Blog, both Covert and 27.2-diameter dropper posts are getting closer, with the first units expected to ship in May.  (We have reached out to distributors i-ride for UK dates and final pricing.)  The small-diameter posts will have 5in of travel and are 430mm long overall- 30mm longer than larger models to allow for the same internal gas volume.

About three weeks nearer, internally-routed Covert posts (30.9mm and 31.6mm only) will maintain the external models’ 125mm travel and 400mm length.  The lever has been redesigned to flip the cable around: set screws are now at the bar (allowing for a quick disconnect at the far end) and the dedicated remote will capture the cable end, avoiding nasty pricks.

Read it and weep sweet tears of joy.
Read it and weep sweet tears of joy.

Both Covert and 27.2mm posts will see a slight price bump over the £350 asked for standard (external) models.

See Issue 87 to see how the original fared in our grouptest, or visit UK distributors i-ride for more information.

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    “We have reached out to distributors i-ride”

    *runs away screaming*

    Always nice to reach around.

    Still only 5 inch drop though so I’m out, just not competitive.

    Looks very nice but can’t compete with the Lev Integra which has 150mm drop and a new updated mechanism to make it much more useable in most frames. On top of tat, they have brought out a gear lever type remote for it so beautiful as the Thomson is, it’s slightly behind the curve with this one.

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