Lithuanian Ti-Smiths headed to Bespoked UKHBS

by Marc Basiliere 4

Stock Bestia frames just the beginning…

Bendy downtube,  hidden cables
Sexy Bestia?

We first heard from Wittson Cycles last autumn, when we featured the company’s first non-custom product: a lovely rigid Ti fork.  Now, in time for the Bespoked show running from April 11th through to the 13th, the company has been in touch with a couple of off-the-shelf mountain frames.  The cross-country oriented Bestia is available in both 27.5in and 29er models and can either be delivered as-is… or serve as a jumping-off point for something more unique.

Integrated seatmast: Measure twice, cut once
Measure twice, cut once

The Bestia models’ most striking feature is the integrated seatmast, with a sleeved top tube junction that recalls the company’s fork.  The dramatically bent down tube is hydroformed to shape, as are the seat- and chainstays.  Shift and brake routing is internal, ending near the downright sexy Paragon Machine Works dropouts.

Lovely Paragon dropouts
Lovely Paragon dropouts

In a nice touch, bottle bolts are anodised to match the seatmast topper.  The head badge is titanium, gracing a 44mm head tube, and the bottom bracket is a large PF30 model.  “Of course, as always you can modify these beauties by changing the geometry, removing the integrated seatpost, choosing a different type of headset or bottom bracket, building it with belt drive, the list goes on.”  Off the peg or bespoke, it’s nice to see another European-made option.

Substantial head badge
Substantial head badge

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  1. I need one of these in my life. Any idea of price?

  2. If it’s anything like their fork it’s at the ‘if you have to ask’ end of the price spectrum.

    It is lovely, though 🙂

  3. I discounted Ti a couple of years ago on the basis that it would eventually break and I’d get all upset and start greeting. That frame there, is a thing of utter loveliness.

    Mental note to self…”Just go and buy a Ti bike”.

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