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The skies above Todmorden are blue, the next issue of Singletrack is off to the printers tomorrow, the office coffee machine is in full working order and all is good with the world. Here’s a rundown of the contents of the new issue for you to have a gander at – and if you fancy a bit of that, then there’s still time to subscribe. Get your order in by Monday and your subscription will start with this issue – plus new subscribers get a free gift!Subscribe to Singletrack!

Inside Singletrack 88…

We visit the Tweed Valley ahead of the very first UK round of the Enduro World Series, watch 24-hour soloists and all-round nice guys Guy Martin and Terrahawk face off over a loaded teapot and send Chipps to ride from Summit to Sea in the Pyrenees on another busman’s holiday.

Tweed Valley

Aussie trails
Seb Rogers gives us a koala’s-eye view of manmade trails down under, Sam Needham interviews the irrepressible Josh Bryceland and Benji talks you through one of his top five UK rides (clue: it’s not in Wales or Yorkshire…).

Summit to Sea

Josh Bryceland
We prove there’s still plenty of life in little wheels by getting Steve Worland to put in trail time on three brand new 26in bikes from Devinci, Commencal and Yeti. The combined might of the Grinder team takes on 18 Bikes’ new Pinion-drivetrained 853 hardtail, seven double chainsets, gets its grubby mitts on the usual handfuls of soft goods and hardware, and rounds things off with a comprehensive shakedown of three dream adventure vans.

Bike Test 88
Phew! It’s been a busy six weeks – no wonder we put an Ibiza holiday snap from Victor Lucas on the front cover…

I was amazed at how quiet and undiscovered some parts of Ibiza are, like this isolated bit of trail on the south west coast. You’d hardly believe it’s just a few miles from night-club central. It was the first time for our guide Ash to ride this hidden gem, something he had spotted on the map – so what started as a bit of late afternoon trail-blazing ended up with some lucky timing, as the sun sank to the right spot above Es Vedrà Island.
Victor Lucas, Ibiza.

Singletrack 88 is on sale in the high street from 27th March 2014 and you can pre-order your copy from the Singletrack shop now.

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  1. Oooo looking forward to this one – liking the new look too.

  2. Same cover shot as last month with a different background 🙂

  3. Love, love, love those layouts. Nice headline type balanced against a great shot. That’s proper art direction.

  4. 2nd that sentiment rhayter.

  5. “YET”

    Nice to have a grouptest of 26″ bikes.
    Not sure why the loaded title.

  6. How long does the mag take to deliver in the post?

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