Frost Bike Video Frenzy

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What’s that sound of cold blowing wind and crackling ice? It must be Frost Bike.

Frost Bike 2014
Sov from Srsly waves hello from cold Minneapolis while some dude naps in the background.

Tucked away in the bitter cold and snowy landscape of Minnesota in the United States, Quality Bike Parts wrapped up their annual Frost Bike dealer show yesterday. Bicycle shop owners, mechanics and various hangers-on from all over the United States descend upon the show to see what’s new at the United State’s largest bicycle and component distributor.

We’ve compiled a bunch of short videos provided by QBP, so we can give you a taste of some of the new stuff you’ll be seeing this year. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage on these products, and more, in the next several days.

Surly Ice Cream Truck
Hear and see what Sov has to say about the Ice Cream Truck, the new fat bike from Surly. Among other things, he tells us this bike is “like a trail fat bike,” which has a symmetric rear-end, and a similar front end to the Instigator and Krampus.

Lazer Ultrax Helmet
We wrote about the new mountain bike helmet from Lazer last week, and here’s a clip of Mr. Smith demonstrating the adjustable visor, the unique retention system and the rear blinky light.

45 NRTH Dillinger 5 Studded Fat Bike Tire
Taking fat biking in snow and ice to the next level, 45 NRTH presents the Dillinger 5. It’s a 120tpi ultralight 4-inch tire with 258 concave studs for enhanced traction on ice and snow. Interesting name for the tire, too. I have to wonder if it’s any reference to another Minnesota institution known as Dillinger Four.

WTB Nano 40 Gravel Tyre
Here’s a video presentation of the WTB Nano 40 gravel tyre. A lot of people have been asking for such a tyre for crushing gravel rides and races that seem to be getting quite popular. It’s no surprise the Internet lit up when this tire was announced last week.

Whiskey Parts Co Seatpost & Wheels
Whiskey Parts Co shows us a little bit about their sultry black carbon posts and road and ‘cross wheels.

Michelin Rock’r 2 Tires
Michelin has some new tyres out there, like the Rock’r 2, which feature very supple-looking side tread.

Salsa Stories
Sure, Salsa makes some cool bikes. But sometimes it’s not all about the metals, geometry and components. The experiences on the bike, and where the bike can take you are the most exciting part. Kid Riemer quickly tells us about some of the stories associated with various Salsa bikes.

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    At first glance I thought was Steve Makin on the Surly Vid.. 😳

    Sov is slightly taller than Makin, as he is a giant!

    Love the guy taking a nap in the srsly photo.

    thats definately not me…..

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