Throwback Thursday – Inconvenient Truths

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Column: Inconvenient Truths

How to be a winner. Thoughts from Benji Haworth.

It's all in the angles
It’s all in the angles

There are certain unassailable truisms that often get thrown up whenever cyclists are discussing cycling. ‘Any bike is better than no bike’ is one. ‘Any riding is better than no riding’ is another. ‘It’s not about the bike’ is another. I’m not going to argue with any of these statements. In fact, they should be written into the constitution of this country even though we don’t have a constitution to write in. Or indeed a pot to piss in. Whatever. At the very least they should be tattooed across the increasingly large forehead of Nicholas Clegg.

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This is how you learned to ride a bike in the first place. Remember that. Whenever you’re faced with something that you think you can’t do: you did it when you were an infant. If you didn’t take that gamble back then, where would you be now? If you don’t take this gamble now, what are you going to miss out on?

Commit to an unknown outcome, an unknown experience. No need to go crazy. Just crank things up little by little. Oaks from acorns. Eventually you’ll learn to love these all-too-brief moments of the unknown. Much like how fit riders end up loving the arduous stuff. Successfully coming out of the other side of a moment of unknown is like experiencing a mini-death. It makes life better.

Life is about experiencing things. Mountain biking affords you almost limitless scope for experiences. Any riding is better than no riding. It’s not about the bike. It’s about you helping yourself, in every sense.

*Heaven may not exist (or it might possibly be located in the back seat of Errol Brown’s Cadillac).

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