Monday Morning Debrief 42

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Don’t get depressed by Summer’s passing, Autumn’s here!

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It’s easy to get a bit of a downer going at this time of year as the night’s start to draw in, trails start to revert from dust to muddy dirge and the weather takes a turn towards grim. A transition time before the full hit of winter arrives.

But Autumn offers a window of fine riding. Traction at the moment locally is near on perfect now the trails have been damped down just enough to firm everything up and the local rocks haven’t yet produced their usual winter covering of slime. That drop in temperature that has you reaching for an extra layer also triggers all the trees to start the leaf colour change that improves the view, greens are fading as the trees turn gold and moorland takes on a savannah like russet colouring.

And as the days shorten the whole night riding vibe returns, the opportunity to embrace a little bit of wild in your life. There’s nothing like a solo woodland night ride to fire up the senses, the chance to listen to the life that goes on after dark; there’s something special about the different experience it offers.

In short: get out and make the most of Autumnal riding.

Ride in the knowledge that it doesn’t get better than this.

Ride during the day, ride during the night.

Because winter is coming.


Where d you get to this weekend? Let’s have your Autumnal photo’s and stories.

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