Fresh Goods Friday 163

by Dave Anderson 7

Autumn’s rushing in as another week bites the dust (what’s left of it), so let’s not waste anytime and hit the Fresh Goods….

Specialized Crave Comp

Black! and red…

Beautifully lush black with subtle red detailing. Big fast wheels, big fast tyres, masses of mud room, a Rock Shox Recon 100mm fork and a 2 x 10 SLX centred drivetrain.

More black
More black

Price: £1200

From: Specialized

SRAM X01 drivetrain

Avoids obvious Tap joke.
Avoids obvious Tap joke.

Sharon’s awaiting a new bike frame to build up, in the meantime she’s going to be staring at this drivetrain. X01 1×11 goodness with a lovely aftermarket X01 carbon crankset.

Cassette: £299.99, Cranks: £199.99, Rear mech: £199.99, Shifter: £109.99, XX1 chain: £49.99

Price: If you have to ask.

From: SRAM

Rockshox Revelation RCT 27.5 140mm Solo Air

M******d out
M******d out

Rockshox Revelations, “lightweight trail fork”, get the black stanchion look.

Price: £599.99

From: SRAM

Rockshox Stealth Reverb

Uppy downy
Uppy downy

Tidy cable routing ahoy! And to make things easier the Reverb now comes complete with Connectamajig for easier fitting.

Price: £329.99

From: SRAM

SRAM Roam 60

Round, and round, and round ....
Round, and round, and round ….

Dave’s LTc is getting some new shoes; SRAM’s Roam 60 XC/AM/Trail carbon rimmed wheelset.

Price:  £1,699.98

From: SRAM

MIO Cyclo505HC

Navigation for the nation?

Touchscreen bike navigation with full European mapping. Should be good for adventures.

Price: £399.99

From: MIO

Singletrack Issue 85

Words and pictures
Words and pictures

The beautiful bike experience distilled into words and pictures. Issue 85 is out there, grab a copy now.

Price: Less

From: ST Shop, Bike shops, and Newsagents

That’s it for this week, tune in Monday for the Debrief. Let’s head out there and embrace the weekend filth, yeah?

Comments (7)

  1. I hope they sent an X01 chainring… no one seems to have stock.

  2. So what IS the price of X01?

    I would like to know!

  3. I find myself liking that Spesh. Must resist the temptation of big wheels 🙂

  4. obvious tap joke…

    *doesn’t get*

    {It’s the ‘this one goes to 11’ line from Spinal Tap joke – Rock Ed}

  5. good grief!
    A £300 cassette, a £1,600 wheelset and a £400 GPS!

    Who are your reviews aimed at these days? Donald “the Hair” Trump bored of golf now?

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