Issue 85 Premier Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at Trans-Provence

by singletrackjenn 1

Issue 85’s Premier feature is an exclusive gallery from Sam Needham, who covered this year’s Trans-Provence event. You’ve all seen the epic riding shots but here’s some of the detail of everything else, from one of our favourite Singletrack office cake suppliers.

Behind the Scenes At Trans-Provence.

Words and pictures by Sam Needham.

The Trans Provence is as much one person’s jolly as it is the next person’s race. A seamless airport transfer has your nose pressed firmly against the window, looking up at mountain peaks, down at glistening rivers and fighting fellow cyclists for Instabanger [pro photographer term for what the rest of us call ‘a nice Instagram pic’ – ST] space. Joe Bowman seen here in full holiday flow after a busy season… settling into Camp Zero, flip flops n’ all.

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