Fresh Goods Friday 161

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Woah, it’s nearly the weekend.

There’s just a quick perusal or fresh product to get through before the quality bike time begins. So let’s get checking out this week’s Fresh Goods….

Intense Carbine 29

It's Intense
It’s Intense

Long travel 29ers just scream out fast and fun, yeah? The carbon, VPP, framed Intense Carbine 29 has the looks and the performance needed to squeeze every last drop of energy out of your body in one long burst of braaaaaaaap…..

1×11? Tick. Pikes? 160mm of Tick! You’re going to give in before it does.

Shock er
Kashima Shock-er


Swing armed
Asymmetric swing armed

Price: £5999.99

From: Extra UK

 Complete Mountain Bike Maintenance

Tool knowledge
Tool knowledge

Everything you need to know to fix your bike. In a book.

Price: £18.99

From: Bookshops everywhere.

Scott Women’s Explorair Jacket

Only a little bit happy
Only a little bit happy

3-layer Goretex for depths of winter, all mountain protection from the elements? No wonder Jorji’s happy….

Price: TBC

Scott Women’s Sky 20 ls/fit Shorts

Checked in
Checked in

It’s all about the checks yeah? Loose fit shorts that’ll handle knee pads no problem.

Price: TBC

Scott Women’s Euphorbia Anorak

O Range
O Range

Autumnal windproof protection in autumnal orange.

Price: TBC

 Scott Women’s Sumita 10 ls/fit Short


Women’s loose fit shorts with added DUROshade protection from the sun.

Price: TBC

All From: Scott Sports

Maxxis Beaver

That's a lot of Beaver
That’s a lot of Beaver

Winter must be coming. As the leaves start dropping from the trees so the mud tyres start dropping too. Here’s Maxxis’ Beaver in 26 and 29 flavours.

Price: £39.99

Maxxis Minion DHF

Everyone needs a Minion
Everyone needs a Minion

All the grip you’ll ever need? 3C Max Terra Minions in 27.5 and 29 sizes, green slime rocks begone!

Price: £58.99

All From: Maxxis Tyres

ICEdot Crash Sensor

Ice, Ice baby
Ice, Ice baby

Fix it to your helmet, pair it with your phone. When you crash, if you’re not moving, it’ll start coutdown before letting your emergency contacts know where you are…

Price: £139.00

From: 2 Pure

5934 8878 5164 7326 4070

PHD Wafer Down Jacket

who knew Chipps had a PHD
Who knew Chipps had a PHD?

Ultralight down warmth provider for minimalist adventuring. Weighs approximately 0.8 of nowt.

Price: £210

From: PHD Designs

StantoVelo protective armwarmers

Arm Pad

Armwarmers with added protection, for light GNARcore™ action.

Price: £25.99

From; StantoVelo

Shimano XT 27.5 Wheelset


Same old XT reliability in new 27.5 wheel size.

Price: £179.99

Garmin Edge Touring


Simple GPS navigation for your bike both on and off road.

Price: £199.99

Shimano SLX 10 speed Chain


SLX quality and bargain priced 10 speed chain.

Price: £25.99

Truflo Mountain CNC Pump

Pump it, pump it good

Small and packable pump, that’ll do.


All From: Madison

Showers Pass Women’s Elite 2.1 Jacket

Waterproof for the camera shy

3 layer eVent waterproof with a anew and improved women’s fit. Winter? Bring it.

Price: £195.00

Showers Pass Skyline Softshell


Weather protection for the cold and dry but with weatherproofing for when it turns grim.

Price: £135.00

Showers Pass Skyline Pant

Not Pants

Elite™ hardshell and softshell pants. For proper cold™

Price: £99.00

All From: Showers Pass

That’s it for this week, we’re all off to prep our livers for Mark’s stag ride/do. See you Monday for the Debrief…

Comments (15)

    I do a lot of solo riding, often at night.

    In July one of my friends lay unconscious on the Downs for over 3 hours before he was found.

    I’ll be buying one of those ICEdot things.

    I suspect that it will report a lot of people not moving much in the local cake shop / pub (delete as appropriate)……… 😉

    About time the Beaver got the EXO protection and got a bit wider. Excellent stuff

    only if you crash your head into the cake shop first.

    Bigger Beavers this winter… a fab tyre just got better 🙂

    You still need a phone signal with the crash sensor, not always an option here on the Quantocks.

    oooo where are those exo beavers for sale? ace tyre but it was too fragile

    possibly predictable, but £26 for a chain is not a bargain.

    The intense is quite possibly the most right looking bike I have clapped my eyes on….

    What’s the book like? Seems like a decent stocking filler…

    Totally agree with heebyjeeby, the Intense just looks right and that’s not something you can normally say about a 29er…

    Any ETA on the bigger Beavers?

    “5934 8878 5164 7326 4070”

    Is this meant to mean something? A hidden code, per chance?

    Have to say there is some logic in the ICE device

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