Trans Provence 2013: Prologue and Stage One

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 Day One is done so just who is leading? Here’s the first report from Trans Provence… 

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Prologue 2013 Mavic Trans-Provence

This year Mavic Trans-Provence begins before the race proper with a “fun” single stage race. With no points at stake, it’s a great chance for competitors who have travelled from far to join us, to stretch their legs and meet their fellow travellers and get the hang of timing system, all without any pressure and an introduction to a week of adventure.

Day one 2013 Mavic Trans-Provence

Clamensane -> Dignes-Les-Bains

In the description for Day 1 of Mavic Trans-Provence 2013 the route is described as a “baptism of fire”. While there was no brimstone or flames, like last year, this Sunday did provide riders with high mountain cols and more of that infamous biblical weather.

For 2013, Mavic Trans-Provence Day 1 has three new stages for riders. Spread over 50km with nearly 1800 metres of climbing, its a reminder to riders new to the event and seasoned vets, that Mavic® Trans-Provence is an event as much about fitness as downhill technical prowess.


Morning saw the first wave of riders up for breakfast at 6am and leaving base camp for the morning uplift, from the drop off, a 300m climb lead riders to the first col of the day and special stage one .

Special Stage 1 takes riders away from the traditional Mavic® Trans-Provence route and drops them into a new valley for the event. A loose exposed line of singletrack dropped riders via some very exposed right turn switchbacks in to path that traversed a broken river bed before finishing in lush meadowland and a fire road.

Pinning for the winning
Pinning for the winning

After dropping 400m on trails and then another 300m on fire road, to get to Special Stage 2 riders faced an 800m climb to reach a col between two hills and the next timing station (the timing device that riders press their timing chip against at the start of each stage).

A combination of tarmac, then broken fire road and finally a carry, saw the first wave of riders reach the col at 1700m and once again like last year, the skies opened and the wind roared, and continued like that for the next few hours.

Top cat
Putting the grim in grimace

Regardless of weather, Special Stage 2 is fast, after dropping across open hillside, the trail plummets through sparse woodland and through small rock gardens, before traversing along the river, with a now already notorious fast right hander, that despite warnings, had many riders off and over the edge of the track and having to climb back up from the hillside below to get back to the trail. After crossing the riverbed another long fast traverse finally dropped riders down the the road, and a chance to get some respite from the weather.


The final two stages of today see a Mavic® Trans-Provence classic revisited – Donkey Darko – but by a new route, and with a third Special Stage added in along the way – after some steep fire road, riders reach the traditional ridge that finally gains them access to Special Stage 4, to add a little more “spice” to the day a small trail off to one side of the ridge becomes Special Stage 3 via a wooded gully with a steep (or “physical section” as described in the route! ) climb to finish.

Woodsy is goodsy
Woodsy is goodsy

Special Stage 4 the classic. Donkey Darko. From high above Digne-Les-Bains, riders drop across meadow into a rock band  before finally diving down a trail that drops steeply down the sides of a ravine. The only thing that we can think of that Donkey Darko doesn’t have is loam. Other than that, everything else that people love about riding is right there between the ravine walls. Switchbacks, rock gardens, fast straightways on ribbons of single tracks, open hillsides, and pine forests, all available to be taken at speed.

It's always better weather tomorrow
It’s always better weather tomorrow

Tomorrow involves a slightly less gruelling day and we’re told good weather – stay tuned!

LEMENTZ JérômeCannondale Overmountain / MavicPRO00:07:40 (1st)00:12:08 (1st)00:05:48 (5th=)00:12:22 (2nd)00:37:58 (1st)
LAU NicolasCube Action TeamPRO00:08:03 (3rd)00:12:17 (2nd)00:05:34 (2nd)00:12:31 (3rd)00:38:25 (2nd)
BAREL FabienCanyon Factory Enduro Team / MAVICPRO00:08:04 (4th)00:12:26 (3rd)00:05:54 (7th)00:12:20 (1st)00:38:44 (3rd)
KABUSH GeoffScott-3Rox RacingPRO00:08:09 (5th=)00:12:35 (4th)00:05:32 (1st)00:13:16 (5th)00:39:32 (4th)
BAILLY-MAITRE FrançoisBMC TrailcrewPRO00:07:57 (2nd)00:12:36 (5th=)00:05:43 (3rd)00:13:21 (6th)00:39:37 (5th)
NICOLL JamieSanta Cruz BicyclesPRO00:08:09 (5th=)00:12:41 (7th=)00:05:48 (5th=)00:13:11 (4th)00:39:49 (6th)
GOLAY FlorianBMC TrailcrewPRO00:08:49 (15th)00:12:52 (9th)00:05:57 (9th)00:13:37 (9th)00:41:15 (7th)
BALL ChrisSanta Cruz BicyclesAM00:08:35 (11th)00:12:36 (5th=)00:06:13 (12th)00:13:57 (14th)00:41:21 (8th)
WEIR MarkCannondale Overmountain / WTBPRO00:08:34 (10th)00:13:10 (10th)00:06:19 (13th)00:13:27 (7th)00:41:30 (9th=)
FUMIC ManuelCannondale Factory RacingPRO00:08:36 (12th)00:12:41 (7th=)00:05:55 (8th)00:14:18 (16th)00:41:30 (9th=)
CRAIG AdamGiant Factory Off-Road TeamPRO00:08:31 (8th)00:13:21 (11th)00:06:00 (10th)00:13:39 (10th)00:41:31 (11th)
CRUZ BenCannondale Overmountain / WTBPRO00:08:26 (7th)00:13:31 (13th)00:06:08 (11th)00:13:49 (12th)00:41:54 (12th)
COOPER AntonCannondale Factory RacingPRO00:09:28 (21st=)00:13:23 (12th)00:05:45 (4th)00:13:31 (8th)00:42:07 (13th)
STOCK AlexKonaPRO00:08:32 (9th)00:13:40 (15th)00:06:29 (15th)00:14:07 (15th)00:42:48 (14th)
DICKERHOFF MaxiCanyon Factory Enduro TeamPRO00:08:47 (14th)00:14:25 (23rd)00:06:46 (20th)00:13:54 (13th)00:43:52 (15th)
FARIN GuillaumeBMC TrailcrewPRO00:09:08 (17th)00:14:11 (22nd)00:06:33 (16th)00:14:43 (21st)00:44:35 (16th)
DOLA Françoisla Roue LibreM4000:08:59 (16th)00:13:39 (14th)00:07:37 (39th=)00:14:30 (17th)00:44:45 (17th)
MUNNIK OliverAM00:08:40 (13th)00:16:18 (50th)00:06:22 (14th)00:13:42 (11th)00:45:02 (18th)
MARTIN SvenSanta Cruz BicyclesM4000:09:15 (18th)00:14:08 (20th)00:07:15 (26th)00:14:31 (18th)00:45:09 (19th)
HAUKOM TomAM00:09:33 (24th)00:13:42 (16th)00:07:06 (24th)00:15:19 (22nd=)00:45:40 (20th)
THOMSON StuMTB Cut / OrangeAM00:10:22 (41st)00:13:56 (18th)00:07:03 (23rd)00:14:36 (19th)00:45:57 (21st)
PRUDENCIO NicoTeam Giant ChilePRO00:10:02 (32nd)00:14:47 (28th=)00:06:34 (17th)00:14:40 (20th)00:46:03 (22nd)
GIBSON NickAM00:09:26 (20th)00:14:06 (19th)00:07:16 (27th=)00:15:19 (22nd=)00:46:07 (23rd)
KUPIAINEN MikkoAM00:09:28 (21st=)00:13:53 (17th)00:06:45 (19th)00:16:16 (32nd)00:46:22 (24th)
FAGERLI Ole ChristianAM00:10:11 (36th)00:14:10 (21st)00:06:42 (18th)00:15:46 (28th)00:46:49 (25th)
SMAIL PaulAM00:09:30 (23rd)00:14:39 (26th=)00:07:40 (42nd)00:15:19 (22nd=)00:47:08 (26th)
PATTERSON MattAM00:09:38 (26th)00:14:29 (24th)00:07:44 (43rd=)00:15:20 (25th)00:47:11 (27th)
SCHWAB TilmannAM00:09:24 (19th)00:14:53 (30th)00:07:34 (36th)00:15:44 (27th)00:47:35 (28th)
REITAN GauteAM00:10:08 (34th=)00:14:36 (25th)00:06:51 (21st)00:16:09 (29th)00:47:44 (29th)
ANGUS PaulAM00:09:37 (25th)00:14:47 (28th=)00:07:27 (34th)00:16:13 (30th=)00:48:04 (30th)
BOWMAN JoeAM00:09:49 (28th)00:14:39 (26th=)00:07:37 (39th=)00:16:21 (35th)00:48:26 (31st)
MORAN KevinAM00:10:05 (33rd)00:14:55 (31st)00:07:29 (35th)00:16:41 (37th)00:49:10 (32nd)
MARTIN AnkaJuliana BicyclesWMN00:10:01 (31st)00:15:36 (38th)00:07:57 (48th)00:15:39 (26th)00:49:13 (33rd)
EMMETT KelliGiant Factory Off-Road TeamWMN00:10:18 (39th=)00:15:09 (32nd)00:08:02 (49th)00:16:13 (30th=)00:49:42 (34th)
FERREIRA AfonsoAM00:09:42 (27th)00:15:55 (48th)00:07:52 (45th)00:16:17 (33rd)00:49:46 (35th)
AAS ØyvindAM00:10:40 (48th)00:15:31 (36th)00:07:16 (27th=)00:16:20 (34th)00:49:47 (36th)
WAGHORN JonnyM4000:09:51 (29th)00:15:41 (39th=)00:07:10 (25th)00:17:22 (45th)00:50:04 (37th)
RACING PlonsM4000:09:56 (30th)00:15:49 (44th=)00:07:18 (29th)00:17:12 (41st=)00:50:15 (38th)
KUENZLI OthmarM4000:10:12 (37th)00:15:21 (33rd)00:07:21 (32nd)00:17:26 (46th)00:50:20 (39th)
HORRIDGE EmilyTransition BikesWMN00:10:18 (39th=)00:15:51 (46th=)00:07:53 (46th=)00:16:36 (36th)00:50:38 (40th)
OCKELTON WillSanta Cruz BicyclesAM00:10:35 (44th)00:15:41 (39th=)00:07:26 (33rd)00:16:57 (38th)00:50:39 (41st)
RAMSAY SebM4000:10:37 (47th)00:15:28 (34th)00:07:00 (22nd)00:17:46 (47th)00:50:51 (42nd)
PERRY LesterAM00:10:08 (34th=)00:15:29 (35th)00:08:11 (52nd)00:17:12 (41st=)00:51:00 (43rd)
IMBS RaphaelTannenBikeM4000:10:36 (45th=)00:15:41 (39th=)00:07:39 (41st)00:17:07 (39th)00:51:03 (44th)
SOHKANEN SimoAM00:11:22 (56th=)00:15:42 (42nd)00:07:19 (30th=)00:17:08 (40th)00:51:31 (45th)
CANCELLIER JonSRAMAM00:10:15 (38th)00:15:49 (44th=)00:07:19 (30th=)00:18:11 (51st)00:51:34 (46th)
CALAM JeffAM00:10:50 (49th)00:16:08 (49th)00:07:44 (43rd=)00:17:21 (44th)00:52:03 (47th=)
KELTON TimAM00:10:53 (50th)00:16:19 (51st)00:07:35 (37th)00:17:16 (43rd)00:52:03 (47th=)
FAN MickeyAM00:10:36 (45th=)00:15:47 (43rd)00:07:53 (46th=)00:17:57 (48th)00:52:13 (49th)
STEVENS JonAM00:10:27 (42nd=)00:15:51 (46th=)00:07:36 (38th)00:18:58 (53rd)00:52:52 (50th)
HARRISON LukeM4000:10:27 (42nd=)00:15:35 (37th)00:09:45 (60th=)00:18:10 (50th)00:53:57 (51st)
DIEFFENTHALER PaulineCannondale / MAVICWMN00:11:02 (51st)00:17:13 (56th)00:08:23 (55th=)00:18:08 (49th)00:54:46 (52nd)
CABELLO RodrigoAM00:11:03 (52nd=)00:17:33 (57th)00:08:03 (50th)00:19:06 (54th)00:55:45 (53rd)
SAVELYEV VadimAM00:11:03 (52nd=)00:17:10 (54th=)00:08:16 (54th)00:19:20 (56th)00:55:49 (54th)
WATERMAN AndyAM00:11:05 (54th)00:17:08 (53rd)00:08:12 (53rd)00:19:41 (58th)00:56:06 (55th)
GJESSVAG TonyAM00:11:22 (56th=)00:17:10 (54th=)00:08:23 (55th=)00:19:17 (55th)00:02:0000:58:12 (56th)
BECKER BjörnM4000:12:13 (61st)00:19:19 (62nd)00:08:10 (51st)00:18:52 (52nd)00:58:34 (57th)
SAPIN Nadinela Roue LibreWMN00:11:59 (58th)00:18:06 (59th)00:08:53 (57th=)00:20:04 (59th)00:59:02 (58th)
SCHUELLER JörgM4000:11:08 (55th)00:18:35 (60th)00:10:17 (65th)00:19:32 (57th)00:59:32 (59th)
LJUNGDAHL TomasM4000:12:08 (60th)00:18:04 (58th)00:10:00 (62nd)00:21:37 (61st)01:01:49 (60th)
JORDAN LeeAM00:13:02 (65th)00:19:40 (63rd)00:10:02 (63rd)00:20:31 (60th)01:03:15 (61st)
MARTIN GutiAM00:12:05 (59th)00:19:04 (61st)00:12:37 (69th)00:22:57 (63rd)01:06:43 (62nd)
JUNGFER HelmarAM00:12:22 (63rd)00:21:13 (67th)00:09:45 (60th=)00:24:35 (65th)01:07:55 (63rd)
MACINNIS BenAM00:12:21 (62nd)00:22:08 (68th)00:10:40 (66th)00:23:17 (64th)01:08:26 (64th)
HUNTER Mary-AnneJuliana BicyclesWMN00:19:46 (71st)00:20:03 (65th)00:09:03 (59th)00:22:15 (62nd)01:11:07 (65th)
FOWLER CooperM4000:13:58 (67th)00:21:12 (66th)00:10:11 (64th)00:29:14 (69th)01:14:35 (66th)
TIFFIN PaulAM00:12:50 (64th)00:23:28 (69th)00:12:39 (70th)00:27:54 (68th)01:16:51 (67th)
SEPLAVY ToddAM00:15:15 (68th)00:24:07 (70th)00:12:27 (68th)00:26:11 (66th)01:18:00 (68th)
CUNNINGHAM FayWMN00:16:47 (70th)00:19:49 (64th)00:10:51 (67th)00:32:20 (70th)01:19:47 (69th)
WEST CatherineWMN00:15:35 (69th)00:25:09 (71st)00:12:41 (71st)00:27:13 (67th)01:20:38 (70th)
RIEBL JohannesOrbea Enduro CrewAM00:13:08 (66th)00:16:35 (52nd)00:08:53 (57th=)00:42:00 (71st)00:02:0001:22:36 (71st)



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    This is probably the best race in the world! looking forward to more updates.

    I Love Love Love this race!! Been looking forward to it since last September, doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity to be involved but hoping to try and do something along the same lines (trans savoie?) next year. Wonder if anyone can stop Jerome Clementz’s amazing year!

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