Interbike 2013: Club Ride ship Western style to UK

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Mountain West style for biking boys and girls.

Mmm... pearl poppers.
Mmm… pearl snaps.

In the four short years since their 2010 Interbike debut, Idaho brand Club Ride have grown by leaps and bounds, their trademark Western style taking a root on trails all over.  Moving beyond just trail wear, this year the brand was showing three collections:  the original Sun Valley line aimed at mountain bikers, low-key Sub5 pieces designed for urban and commuting use, and an Open Road collection made for (you guessed it) road riding.

Which isn’t to say that any of the line would look out of place on dirt- even the slimmest Open Road technical henley wouldn’t be out of place in most dirt circles.  From the Sun Valley collection, Club Ride’s $90 Far West jersey (above) caught our eye with its cool floral print on lightweight, silky RideDryWear fabric and stylish clear pearl snaps.

Half a Deer Abby and a whole Motion top.
Half a Deer Abby and a whole Motion top.

The Club Ride ladies’ collection is every bit as broad and impressive as the men’s.  The two tops above are from CR’s Sub5 collection and their Sheer2Dry breathable/wicking fabric sits somewhere between cotton and a nice merino in feel.  The CR staff favourite Deer Abby at left is a slimmer technical tee with a short zip neck and pair of hidden rear pockets ($60).  New for 2014, the $80 Motion top (right) sports a deeper V-neck, a pair of chest pockets, and cool asymmetric back panels.

Club Ride were keen to point out that, while they do not currently have British distribution, they do a good deal of shipping to the UK- and do their best to keep postage reasonable.  The 2013 line is currently available at (much on clearance) and the company’s offerings will grow considerably come spring.

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    Just checked out their website and some really nice clothing. Love that wheeled top! The downside is getting stung for import duty.

    Postage seems to have gone down (a lot) since I last looked at this stuff, but like c_g says it’s the taxes that still make it rather expensive. Hopefully someone will pick it up for distribution, I like their style.

    Btw, is this an oldish press just regurgitated- a quick scan shows one women’s top reduced, and no men’s clothing, rather than “much on clearance”

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