Singular crowd-sources a fat (trail) bike.

by Chipps 7

Singular Cycles has initiated a crowd-funding project to support the launch of the ‘Puffin’ fatbike it has been developing. While most fatbikes are aimed at munching miles through snow and sand – this one is optimised for regular trail riding. The Puffin employs Singular’s distinctive ethos of ‘steel, simple, singlespeed(able)’ in a fatbike format.

Comin’ out of the dark

Singular owner and designer Sam Alison said “As an owner operated micro-bike company my resources for developing new models is limited. Crowd-funding seems like a good way to see if those new ideas will fly without having quite the same degree of risk and upfront investment”.

Computer generated design.

With regard to the frame itself and what sets it apart from the growing number of other fatbikes on the market Alison had this to say “I am confident the Puffin will bring something to the fatbike arena that has not been readily available until now – truly fun, engaging bikes with are great to ride across a variety of terrain – not just in those places you can’t take a normal bike.”

A bit of real world testing away from the snow and sand

The Puffin, all being well with the funding project, will launch in February 2014 at a retail price of £595 for frame and fork. Backers of the project who commit £400 now will receive a frame and fork as a gift for their support. More information can be found on the project Kickstarter page. You don’t have to buy a bike – you can also buy a T-shirt too. At press-time, the company had raised nearly £4,000 of its £20,000 goal. Details here:

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  1. Impressed with the Hüsker Dü tyres!

  2. Thanks guys! Just to confirm – the middle pic is not an early proto – nor even an actual frame – it’s a computer rendered image of what the final frame will look like (minus a few braze ons…).

  3. What is that last pic taken? Looks fun

  4. Singlespeed via an eccentric bottom bracket?

  5. @portlyone – somewhere in the Brecons.

    @benji – yes, the only 100mm wide ebb in the world.

  6. “@benji – yes, the only 100mm wide ebb in the world.”

    Until the Taipei show 😉

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