Interbike: WTB’s new tyres

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Wilderness Trail Bikes tyres

WTB is showing a range of new tyres, and we’re pleased to announce that there’s a few new 26in tyres in there! First up, though, is the new biggerer tyre, the Bee Line. The Bee Line is the 650B (geddit? The ‘SevenpointfiveLine obviously didn’t catch on) version of the newish Nine Line. Both tyres feature a busy collection of low knobs for fast rolling over dry to damp conditions.

Nine and Bee. No sign of the six though.
Fast knobs for next summer then

And now, here’s one of the most aggressive mud tyres we’ve seen – and it’s from a Californian company! Who’s have thought? This is the Warden. It’s aimed at All mountain and enduro riding in the wet. It currently ONLY comes a in 26 x 2.3in size.

The Warden – is this another Charles Bronson reference?

The Vigilante was launched this summer and it’s the only tyre, apart from the Wolverine, that comes in all three tyre sizes. It was ‘Born from the need to race in European enduro events’ and is aimed at working well in loose or wet terrain. It’ll come in Dual DNA dual compound and Gravity compounds.

Big, medium(ish) and normal
Open lugged and siped for grip in the wet.

Wilderness Trail Bikes also makes wheels and rims and the ST i25 will be of interest to riders after a wider profile tyre print. The rim comes in 26 and 29in and features an inner measurement of 25mm. It features a UST compatible bead-hook and is meant for WTB’s TCS system for tubeless compatible running. Weight is claimed at 537g for 26in and 593g for 29in

Wide rims rule!

It’s not all about enduro and WTB hasn’t forgotten the fast and light crew. The new KOM rim is pitched as being ‘as light as carbon’ and it uses a scandium-style WT69 alloy. The rim features a 23mm inner width and will work with the TCS system. It comes in 26, 27 and 29in sizes. Weights are 408g for the 26, 425g for 27in and 448g for the 29er rim.

A bit of a Strava reference then?

WTB also does a cyclocross rim, the ChrisCross. It’s UST compatible and will work with rim brakes or discs.

WTB ChrisCross and Crosswolf
32mm, tubeless compatible and open lugged for loose traction.

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  1. So, that STi 25 rim, marked as 29, but an ERTO of 559 (26″)?

  2. The Vigilante looks almost identical to a Nobby Nic.

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