Interbike 2013: Revelate, Pashley and POC

by Chipps 4

Revelate bags

The charismatic Eric Parsons was at the show with the latest of a rapidly growing range of bags from the Alaskan bag-builder-to-the-(Iditabike)-stars, starting with a range of complete bags for popular frame sizes.

The Tangle Bag up top and other four bags are all going to be stock items.


Eric’s added spacers to the bar bag straps to stop them fouling cables and the like.


Revelate will also be doing a dry-bag holder – with custom, wedge-shaped dry bag.


Everything is constantly being improved; straps, zips and pockets.


And you thought you’d run out of room for gear. How about by the seatpost?


Even the staple bags have gained handy loops for cargo nets – or lashing a baguette on.

Revelate gear is brought in by Back Country Biking


Pashley Speed Five

Now this is one of our favourite bikes from the show. It’s basically a five speed, drum brake, old school bike like Pashley’s Guv’nor, only a little more useful for general riding, with a Sturmey five speed and drum brakes. It comes in Bentley Blower British Racing Green and gold and there’s a race number board on it. The whole bike will sell for roughly a grand. We like to think of it as a very British version of all those gravel racer bikes that are all the rage in the States. The Pashley Speed Five is a gentleman’s gravel racer.

You may need tweeds to pull this one off
Hub gear and wing nuts


How great are those bars?


Built in the UK too.


You’re ALL number five.


POC helmets (and protection).

POC was showing a number of new products, as well as doing a big push on why it uses the colours it does, what the most visible colours are to wear and how best to be seen. Starting off, it has a new bike park/dirt jump lid called the Crane Pure. It features a thick polycarbonate outer for repeated scuff protection. Inside this thick shell, it lets POC run softer foam than normal as it shouldn’t get dinged as much. This is the Martin Soderstrom version – and there’s a Danny Makaskill signature lid coming too


Plenty of room for logos and stickers

POC is also making (more) armour. It now has a version 2.0 of its armour, featuring ‘viscoelastic plastic dough’ – which is that soft stuff that gets hard if you hit it. It’s making a hard-fronted shell style pad and a more freeridey set of soft pads for better riding comfort.

Great for knee sliding on the corners, right?


POC is also making a back protector out of its visco-thingy stuff.

This new POC back comes in a few different sizes; there’s the 25L expedition bag and then there’s a narrow 16L version for the racer or fast trail rider. There’s also a nearly identical capacity 15L bag which is wider, but squatter and should help with tree clearance on some trails. All the bags have POC’s spine protector built-in.

Medium, or large or large large?

There’s a kid’s lid called the POC-ito (it’s a pun, OK?) which features many of the same gadgets that the big-boy helmet does.

Post-It note colours are very in for 2014

There’s a new POC road helmet called the Octal, which has huuuuge vents. POC makes the outer material hard enough that it forms an outer shell, so the inner helmet can be made light. Other features include things like a pair of hydrophilic pads that grab your sunglasses (and the wetter the better) securely enough you can lift your helmet up by them. The Octal helmet weighs a startling 190g

The Octal. A mountain bike race version seems to be in the works too.

POC is out through 2Pure in the UK.


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  1. A belt drive version of that Pashley would be a near perfect commuter for me.

  2. I can’t see that Pashley steering quickly off road, or am I missing the point? No argument on its beauty mind you.

  3. Pashley is nice, but marked down by those cheapo looking nyloc nuts on the number plate.

  4. The Pashley is lovely – but who fit the cables ?

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