Interbike 2013: Juliana Juno

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The women-specific bike brand, Juliana Bicycles relaunched itself this summer with four new models. Although they share a lot of DNA with parent company Santa Cruz, every bit of them has been designed to work best for women riders – everything from grips to cranks to saddles is gone through. Namesake Julie Furtado is still involved daily with the company.

The range launched with four bikes, which have now been joined by a new bike, the Juno. The Juno is a 125mm trail bike, very similar to the Santa Cruz Bantam, that we covered at Eurobike. As always, the girls get all the good colours…

There’s Julie, talking to the chap in the hat

With four frame sizes, from small to XL, Juliana reckons it can fit riders from 5ft-nothing up to 6ft 6in on the XL. That’s quite a range! As might be expected, this new bike has 27.5in tyres, although the Juliana Nevis has 26in tyres (and fits riders down to 4ft 8in), as does the full suspension Origin. We’ll be trying to get hold of a new Juliana bike or two as soon as we can. They’re imported and distributed by Jungle in the UK.

Single pivot, medium wheels. Old and new school all at once.


Acid green and the white headbadge looks great


Would this inspire you to ride as much as possible?


The Juliana booth (complete with Julie Furtado) was very busy

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