Midweek Movies 164

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It’s Wednesday!

(Actually, as we’re writing this it’s Tuesday but we figure with the Bank Holiday and Eurobike interfering with the week, it can’t get any more confusing than it already is…)

Anyway – whichever way you look at it the week is half done if you discount the tea breaks and so it’s time for another dose of Midweek Movies. This week we’ve got Alps, Alps and more Alps, a yellow bus road trip, rad dudes of various sorts, a couple of trailers, YAFB, and a bit of Dolly Parton.

Kettle on, feet up: you know the drill by now…

The Bus: A Journey Up North

If you watch one thing this week, make it this edit from Joey Schusler. Bikes, surfboards, kayaks and a yellow school bus converted to run on vegetable oil. Summer holiday dreams are made of this. “Unlike a normal road trip, we didn’t fill up at gas stations. We filled up at restaurants…”

Brighton Big Dog 2013

Gavin Peacock’s edit from this year’s Brighton Big Dog, at which the sun shone and much fun was had by all involved. Note the well-equipped cake stand, men in skirts, and *very* narrow trees at 30 seconds in – it’s definitely a southern thing.

Trans Savoie Days 3 & 4

Last week we showed you highlights from days 1 & 2 of the new alpine stageduro, the Trans Savoie. The event wrapped up over the weekend so now we have days 3 & 4….

Trans Savoie Days 5 & 6

…and 5 & 6 for your vicarious armchair enjoyment.

Mavic Trans-Provence 2013 teaser

While we’re on the subject of pedally stuff in the mountains, here’s the teaser for the original stageduro – Mavic Trans-Provence 2013, which have welcomed a new race supporter, Santa Cruz Bikes, to the fold. We’re looking forward to following this when it starts on 28th September.

AWOL/TransContinental teaser

Another teaser vid, this time from the folk behind Specialized’s AWOL/TransContinental project who say:

“We followed Recep Ye?il and Erik Nohlin, both part of the developer team around the Specialized AWOL, on their mission to ride the mighty Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul within two weeks, overcoming more than 3100km, 30.000m of altitude gain and crossing 14 European borders. Unsupported, following a route of their choice. We stayed on their side, day and night, rain or shine, crossing the whole European continent. It has been a wild and inspirational journey in so many unexpected ways and we will tell their story. The full length documentary will be released in late 2013.”


Slow Ass Jolene

We might have found the link on the forum, but we heard it first on Radio 4. Long live the BBC.

Charge TV Week 25: The Cooker Maxi

Are we bored of fat bikes yet? Almost. This one comes with added sand and surf, though, so we’ll let it off.

On The Hunt Ep. 3: Sam Hill

More adventures from the Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof crew. Make like a teenager for 12 minutes, bro’…!

1985 World Road Champs Finish

Do not adjust your sets: yes, this is road cycling, and it’s a classic. Watch and learn, Strava heroes – watch and learn.

Singletrack les Alps

Remember sitting through the slideshows of your parents’ holiday snaps? Well this is the modern equivalent. Your alpine holiday didn’t happen unless a slick edit makes its way onto the internet somewhere… Thanks to Village I Productions for the camera work and gratuitous cow shots.

Girl Learns To Dance In A Year.

Finally: while the cat’s away… the mice put weird s**t on MWM. Thanks to Grace for this one. Er, we think.



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