Matt’s not here, man

by Dave Anderson 13

It’s with great sadness we’ve got to report that our Matt’s been lured away by the bright lights of ‘that London’ (Show).

He’s off to join Vos Media, as Business Development Manager, where he’ll be helping make The London Show bigger and better whilst working from his Eagle’s Lair in the lofty crags of Cragg Vale.

We’re going to miss the dubstep, awesome recipes, jah shaka, skateboard vids from back in the day, Jack Russells and gentlemen’s style hints that Matt shared around the office.

One Matt and his dog

But don’t worry, here at Singletrack you can check out but you can never leave; with his freelance head on Matt’s still going to be contributing to the magazine and website.

It's all in the, erm, 'research'

So good luck Matt, and see you out on the trails, with your sweet earth salmon moves, soon yeah?

Comments (13)

  1. A true grafter!
    Wishing you every continued success in your new rôle!

  2. You need a stand at the show don’t you Stu? ;]

    Cheers all!

  3. Aurrabest Matt, will you still be making the pilgramige to the Fort in the summer?

  4. Good to hear you’re still going to be writing for the mag. All the best with yer new job.

  5. Keep on writing. And good luck.

  6. All the best Matt. Can’t imagine Singletrack without you (pleased to hear I won’t have to).

    But LONDON? Really….?

  7. Best wishes in your new role Matt,does that mean there is a vacancy on the Singletrack team Chipps,if so,i would be very interested indeed,
    Sorry to be so cold hearted,kind of striking whilst the irons hot and don’t ask don’t get scenario.
    Many thanks,Darren.

  8. @Pz_Steve I’m staying up North – popping down once every couple of weeks.

  9. Who the hell am I going to drink whisky with at Mountain Mayhem now?
    Good luck Matt.

  10. Good luck Matt… can I have his job?

  11. Sorry but the iron is now cold. I’d like to introduce who is our new ‘Matt’ – so to speak 🙂

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