2013 UK Mountain Bike Hall of Fame nominees announced

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 Voting has opened for this year’s MTB Hall of Fame nominees; 22 have been nominated but only 10 will make up the 2013 induction. Vote now to have your say…

Here’s the official news:


The UK Mountain Bike Hall of Fame announced the nominees for 2013 today.

Pacific Edge Events created the UK MTB Hall of Fame in 2012 in order to show recognition of mountain bikers of all disciplines and also key figures in the mountain bike industry.

Over a period of time, these figures will have all made a significant contribution towards making mountain biking in the UK what it is today through sport, passion and sheer hard work.

In the first year, 2012, along with 22 industry supporters 12 people were selected to be the first inductees to set the ball rolling (check out the website to see who they are).  In 2013 the Hall of Fame Supporters from the industry have chosen the nominees, but only 10 of them will actually make it into the Hall of Fame. By creating a virtual UK MTB Hall of Fame in the form of a website, Twitter and Facebook page, Pacific Edge have provided a social media vehicle where voters from all around the world will be the judge and jury of who will be elected.  Voting starts on Saturday 20th April and continues until Sunday 2nd June on Facebook: facebook.com/MTBHallofFame.

In addition, every year, the UK MTB Hall of Fame will have a tangible presence at the UK’s premier MTB event, Mountain Mayhem.  This year, Wiggle Mountain Mayhem will be held in a new location, the prestigious Gatcombe Park on 15th & 16th June – the first cycle race of any kind to be held there.  The UK Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony will take place at Gatcombe Park in the Mountain Mayhem main arena on Friday evening, 14th June.

Here’s who Singletrack have nominated and why:

Bonney lad

Michael Bonney

When we published issue 1 of Singletrack we looked for an industry stalwart to set the standard for our first interview. We chose Michael. That was 12 years ago. Since then Michael has continued to be the powerhouse behind the marketing of the UK’s best known and respected MTB manufacturer. Despite his modesty and affectionately awarded title of grumpiest man in the bike industry, he is one of the most respected and admired members of our world. In fact he’ll undoubtedly roll his eyes and sigh when he finds out we nominated him.


Waugh, what is it good for?

Geoff Waugh

Geoff Waugh doesn’t stand still. He never has. For someone who has seen, done and shot it all Geoff is constantly at the cutting edge, even if he is using a plastic quasi-Russian yesteryear camera to capture it. Talk to him and he’ll always have some project on the go or some idea he wants to realise. In fact, start talking to him and you’ll find your day has disappeared in the most pleasant way possible; you’ll also come away inspired. Geoff’s work appears in the most respected magazines around the globe, but as well as being a man of the world he’s also a true Essex gent.

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The full nominees list for 2013 is:

Martin Ashton

Scott Beaumont

Oli Beckingsale

Steve Behr

Perry Bellisario

Michael Bonney

Adrian Carter

Jenny Copnall

Tim Davies

Dafydd Davis

John Dight

Gary Foord

Tim Greenland

Danny Hart

Martyn Hawyes

Annie Last

Rob Lee

Tym Manley

Steve Toze

Geoff Waugh

Ian Weatherill

Steve Woods

Vote now! MTBHallofFame Voting page

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