Fresh Goods Friday 138

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It’s Friday! Rejoice the weekend’s almost here. But first let’s get down with the Fresh Goods…

Dual glasses


Dual eyewear feature a small magnifier lens section to aid reading bike computer readouts for the ‘sight challenged’. We’ll be testing to see if they augment reality too.

Price: TBC

From: 2 Pure

Le Tour 100



Like the internet but made of paper

Tour de France history in printed form. It’s a big book of bike racing facts sports fans.

Price: £25

From: Your high street independent bookshop

Knog Party Coil lock

Coiled for lock action

The Party Coil is the ideal just popping into the newsagents lock, silicon coated and long enough to latch to an immovable object of your choice.

Knog Blinder

Dinky flashers

Small, USB chargeable front flashers to get you seen. That’s a good thing yeah?

Price: TBC

Both from: Knog

Bike Shield Full Pack Oversize

Like an invisible shield for your bike

Don’t ever worry about the state of your bike again. With this invisible 10 piece set of frame protection, you’ll no longer have to complain about scrapes.

Price: £34.99

Cane Creek Ergo Grip II

Mini bar, end

Hands will be kept steady with the grippy surface texture Cane Creek deliver. An ergonomic profile which fits your hands naturally will provide the steady control you want.

Price: £34.99

Topeak Panobike Speed & Cadence Sensor

Bluetooth sensors

Mount this to your bike, and then check out how you’ve been doing on your smart phone. It also stores data until it’s synchronized, so if you got the patience, there’s no need to bring the phone on the trip.

Price: £34.99

Topeak Panobike Heart Rate Monitor

As with the speed and cadence sensor, have everything under control on your phone with this compact heart rate monitor. Chest strap included.

Price: £49.99

Topeak T-Handle Duohex Set

Tools you can handle

Six steel hex wrenches ranging from 2-6mm. Comes with a ball end for difficult locations.

Price: £27.99

Topeak Combo Torq Wrench Set

Torque torque

Torque wrench set including 3/4/5/6mm Allen and T25 Torx. Fits with most common bolts.

Price: £14.99

Topeak Supersteel Tyre Levers

Like thumbs of steel

Remove tyres without scratching the rim because of the changeable plastic tip with these tyre levers.

Price: £16.99

Fizik Gobi XM

Highlighter saddles

Everyone love fluorescent colours, right? These limited edition Gobi XM saddles comes out in green and orange, with WingFlex sides and a TailFlex rear section which makes it easier going on and off the saddle.

Price: £99.99

Fizik Cyrano Carbon Seatpost

Plastic fantastic

Super light (200g) seatpost which is easy to fine-tune. To adjust the angle all you need is one finger on the wheel – the wheel on the actual seatpost that is. Available in lengths ranging from 270mm to 400mm.

Price: £124.99

Fizik Cyrano

This week's post

The carbon seatpost’s little brother.

Price: £84.99

Hutchinson Toro

we love the smell of rubber in the morning

Go tubeless and feel like a proper racing driver, as the technology used for this set of tyres has been taken from Formula 1.  The Toro is made for all kind of weather and is highly resistant to punctures. Available in 26″ and 29″.

Price: £49.99

All from: Extra

Panaracer Driver Pro 29er

Mo' rubber

Price: £44.99

The ideal use of these 2.20x29ers are apparently all-day, all-mountain, XC or race – in other words, virtually everything. The Japanese manufacturer have delivered 600g tyres who provide speed and reliability.

Panaracer CG All Condition 2.35

Big volume tubeless compatible, 26″ tyres coming with split side knobs which give you full control in the corners.

Price: £44.99

Both from: Zyro

Kenda K1080 Slant Six DTC

DTC goodness

We’re not done with tyres just yet. This is Kenda’s hard packed terrain edition and is a mix between their Small Block 8 and Nevegal versions. 26×2.35″ provides speed, grip and cornering.

Price: TBC

From: Moore Large & Co.

That’s it for this week, we’re off to slay some gnar trails and dp some sweet jumps. See you Monday for the debrief, laterz.

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Comments (16)

    That Torque Wrench seems very reasonably priced!

    If that Torque wrench really is £14.99, I’m having one tomorrow…

    To peak could be onto a winner at that price. Where can I get one?

    £15 for a torque wrench, £35 for a few cm of sticky back plastic. Blimey.

    Sadly, I saw a bloke walking along with a neatly snipped Knog lock at Newcastle station. He was looking for his missing bike and (I guess) wishing that he’d bought a less pretty but more theft resistant lock i.e. one that you can’t cut with kitchen scissors.

    The dual glasses sound a bit dodgy, bifocals are well know for causing people to fall, there may well be plenty of comedy crashes with those glasses on a bike.

    Bi-focals for Mamils! 🙂

    Yup – aggree with I did dab. My wife had a bike nicked that was locked with a flexible Knog lock (where was the abus granit D-lock that i bought her?). The Knog lock was around 1cm thic . The actual steel cable burried inside the rubber was about 2mm thick. Rubbish. I dont think the comment about kitchen scissors is far off the mark. Been wanting to get this off my chest for a while.

    “the technology used for this set of tyres has been taken from Formula 1” – so they only last 20mins then? What a load of marketing guff!

    that Bike Shield pack is excellent stuff. Had some on my Turner for a couple of years and it still hasn’t peeled off

    The Fizik saddles are hurting my eyes..!

    I like the idea of the magnifier section on those glasses. Be like a bird of prey, they have that built into their eyes! So you’ll be able to spot shiny stuff from twice as far away?!

    Those HRM and cadence sensors only work with iPhones. How stupid.

    The knog will be fine as long as you never use it as a lock.

    The packaging say the HRM and Cadence sensors work with “any Bluetooth Smart ready device”.

    Sorry, just read the Topeak manual, iPhone 4S/5 only.

    I hate it when manufactures assume we’re all sheep and there for have an iphone. Was really interested in the speed and cadence monitor until I read faz083 comment. My phone is more powerful and doesn’t resemble a brick with an rubber band around it! But I wont be able to use it with this device. Shame.

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