Two teams race Strathpuffer as tribute to lost friends

by Dave Anderson 0

Here’s a story that should get you digging in your virtual pockets to help raise money for mountain rescue and honour the memory of four good people we lost this past weekend…

There are a lot of people in the cycling community trying to come to terms this week with the loss of 4 young people on Bidean Nam Bian on Saturday. Two of those people were well-known cyclists, Chris Bell and Tom Chesters. Chris and Tom had both worked as guides at BikeVillage in France, making a lot of peoples’ time there unforgettable. Chris leaves many close friends from St Andrews, where he studied until 2010, and from Oban, where he continued to study and make life a better adventure for those that he met.

Being less formal though, Chris’ friends will know what made him irreplacable: a more charming, sincere and irritatingly talented person would be hard to find.

To try and make something good come from this, two pairs teams at the Strathpuffer 24hr this weekend are raising a donation to present to the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team, to recognise their work and to thank them for what they did in the hours following. A justgiving page has been set up here:

In recognition of our reliance on teams of selfless volunteers, please take the time to have a quick read. The response has been unbelievable already. In keeping with the need to celebrate lives rather than mourn them, here is a website that Chris recently helped to set up, for the connoisseur of the al fresco toilet experience.

More news and information on this forum thread:

And now a couple of photos of Tom: