Colour Your Spoon

by Chipps 16

After nearly two years of rumours (and development) Charge is set to launch their Custom Saddle Builder website at 4pm tomorrow (Friday 30th November). If you ever wanted a blue base, yellow top and red stitching to match a bike (or an outfit…) then Charge will be able to help you out. The prices are a fair bit more than a regular Spoon, but they’re assembled to order in the factory (and the price includes FedEx delivery to you) -and  you really will have the only one on your street.

Here’s what Mr Charge, Nick Larsen told us about it:

Charge’s new Custom Saddle Builder website: is going to be where you can now fully customise Charge’s most popular and multi- award winning Spoon saddle with your choice of cover material, rails, logo, base, bumpers and even the colour of the stitching. The options are endless. You can have all the comfort, shape, performance and style of the legendary Spoon in your very own individual design. So what are you waiting for? – Get creating to match or clash!

You'd have to get 'clashing' rather than 'subtle', wouldn't you?

Charge Custom saddles range in price from £69.99 to £119.99 and lead time is 30 days from order. International shipping is handled by Fed Ex.

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  1. I’d say this was silly tartism for screaming mary’s who care more about colour coordinating than riding, apart from I’m almost certainly going to buy one..

  2. I miss-read ‘tartan’ in there somewhere and thought ‘Tartan? CUSTOM tartan? Wow!’ – ahem… 🙂

  3. We have built a huge swatch book of materials that we can use.. and we plan to add extra materials like Denim, Tartan, Tweed and other leathers as demand grows..

  4. I’ll check my swatch book Chipps. I’m sure we can sort you a tartan saddle 🙂

  5. That’s easy then – you do it Brant. Tartan’s off the list. We’ll whack in Harris Tweed instead.

  6. OOH, Harris Tweed sounds good.

  7. Oh oh oh a flat cap saddle?

  8. How about a waxed-cotton saddle with corduroy trim? It’d go perfectly with my (SPD-compatible) Hunter wellies and my Singular Peregrine, old boy!
    Perfect for mud-plugging around the Shires.
    Or has Brooks already covered that niche?

  9. I keep getting asked “what do you want for Xmas?” This is the answer!

  10. Love it, great idea guys 🙂

  11. Can you change the text on the side? Like Nike etc. Now that would be worth it..

  12. I want “Break, like the wind!” on mine.

  13. A nice Paisley one for me, or tie dyed for that really unique look man !

  14. Chipps, Gusset R already comes in horrible tartan. Not custom though 😉

  15. arrrrgggghhhhhhhh no green cover

  16. soon be plenty of poor late night beer led purchases 2nd hand on the For Sale forum then???

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